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People's Liberation Organization of Nicky Poo ("P.L.O.P.") is a rebel militia which appeared in "Times" Pipeline. The only named member is the human Rosie Radiator, who takes up a leadership role, but its ranks consist of many anthropomorphic beings, the Ground Pounders, trained Fly Flowers, and for a brief time, the Ninja Turtles.

The Turtles meet P.L.O.P. after having been transported to an unspecified time in the past. They arrived at a Fort and escaped into the jungle, where they saw a Ground Pounder tied up and witnessed another number of them being ground up into meat to be transported through a Transmat. The Turtles then were told what was happening by members of P.L.O.P., and subsequently went back to their base with them.

When they arrived, Rosie Radiator further explained that the denizens of Fort Time Piper, which was the fort the Turtles were dumped at, were from the future - Rosie's time - and not only shipping out ground-up Ground Pounder meat to fast food restaurants across the universe, but also other species which could spell disaster for the timeline. Also noting that the Fort could likely have a Transmat, the Turtles join up with them and siege the fort, taking the opportunity to utilize their Transmat to escape.

After succeeding in their mission, Rosie notes that they couldn't have done it without the Turtles.


  • "Nicky Poo" is a creation of Vaughn Bodé, as much of the "Times" Pipeline cast is or at least are derived thereof from, but it is unknown to what extent Nicky Poo actually has to do with P.L.O.P. Presumably, Mark Bodé and/or Larry Todd just wanted a humorous acronym, but using this term meant ignoring the "N" from Nicky outright.
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