"Sacre Bleu!"
— Pawn's catchphrase

Pawn is a member of the Utrom High Council. He is the original creator of the Utromdroid body, which was later taken by the Kraang and turned into the Kraangdroids.


The War for Dimension X[]

Pawn is introduced to the Turtles when they are brought before the Utrom High Council by Bishop. As the Fugitoid and the Ninja Turtles explain why they are there, when they mention the Heart of Darkness, Pawn short-circuits in shock at how the Triceratons have the first piece, and is even more shocked when the Turtles mention the effect the piece had on the Aeons on Xaava-Dal. When they explain that they need to destroy it, Pawn replies that the Heart of Darkness is indestructible, before being summoned into a conference with Queen, Rook , and Bishop to discuss helping the Turtles or not. When Queen is kidnapped by Kraang Subprime to be interrogated for the Utroms secrets she knows, Pawn confers with Rook and Bishop and declares war on The Kraang, remaining behind as Rook and Bishop lead the Utromdroids to rescue Queen from Kraang Subprime's base.

When Worlds Collide[]

Learning of a rogue Salamandrian attacking fellow Utrom in both Dimension X and on Earth, Pawn agrees with Rook and Queen to send Bishop to investigate. Later, Bishop returns to the Utrom High Council chamber with the Turtles, Karai, April, and their Salamandrian allies, Mona Lisa and Sal Commander, with them. Before much can be done to deal with the rogue Salamandrian, who the Turtles recognize as the {}2012link|K'Vathrak|Newtralizer}}, the Newtralizer attacks and incapacitates Queen's Ms. Campbell body and decapitates Rook, leaving her head to land in Pawn's hands, who reacts in shock before he is attacked by Newtralizer next, getting his Utrom self ripped out of his Utromdroid body and nearly eaten before the Turtles, Bishop, and the others are able to send Newtralizer back to New York City through another portal to protect Pawn and the other council members from Newtralizer's wrath.




Not much is revealed about him, other than that he speaks in French and his Utromdroid body is shown to glitch easily.


He sports a standard Utromdroid with the addition of a curled mustache on the head.


"Impossible! Ze Heart of Darkness can never be destroyed!" - The War for Dimension X

"Sacre bleu!" - When Worlds Collide, part 1