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Ninja Turtles

The Patrol Buggy is the first vehicle Donatello creates for the Turtles to use in the 2012 TV series. It first appears in Panic in the Sewers. It is an all-terrain vehicle with detachable sidecars that can each be driven independently. The buggy was unfinished when the Turtles first used it, so some of its features, like the steering wheels and grappling hooks, were faulty and came apart easily. It was still drive-able, however, and fast enough for the Turtles to keep up with the Purple Dragons' van and Dogpound's stolen tanker truck.

The buggy makes a cameo appearance in I, Monster. Donatello can be seen repairing it when he hears Splinter screams as Rat King first attacks his mind.

The Turtles use the buggy again at the beginning of "TCRI" to chase after a Kraang helicopter.

In Panic in the Sewers, the arrangement of the Turtles siting position is Raph (orange front-seat), Leo (next to Raph), Mikey (behind Raph) and Donnie (behind Leo), but starting TCRI, the arrangement switches from one side to the other.

In Of Rats and Men, Donnie, Mikey, Raph and April used the Buggy to lead some of the rats away, April riding it in Leo's place.



  • A recurring gag is the others referring to it as a go-cart with Donatello repeated correcting them.

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