Pat Brosseau is a comic book letterer best known for Legionnaires. He also worked on Aquaman, Wonder Woman, American Splendor, JLA, Trinity, The American Way, The Flash, Superman, Batgirl, Wonder Man, JSA, 52, Steel, Nightwing, Birthright, Creeper, Sweet Tooth, Hawkman, Doom Patrol, Batman, The Transformers, JSA All-Stars, Birds of Prey, JLA: Classified, Zatanna, Wolverine, Action Comics, The Omega Men, Metal Men, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Convergence Atom, All-Star Section Eight, Suicide Squad, Warlord, The Un-Men, Blue Beetle, Doctor Strange, Justice League Elite, The Programme, Star Wars: Crimson Empire II, Villains United, Green Arrow, Excalibur, Blood of the Demon, Manifest Destiny and Exterminators.


  • #10 to 23
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