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Zippy Lad
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Mirage Studios

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Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #15 (August, 1988)

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Kevin Eastman
Peter Laird

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Pat, a.k.a. Zippy Lad, first appears in the Mirage's TMNT comics in the story "Dome Doom!".


Zippy Lad was once a superhero who along with his friends Battling Bernice, Metal Head, Stainless Steel Steve, Doctor Dome, Captain Deadbolt and Joey Lastic founded the Super Hero team the Justice Force. After years, however, the Justice Force separated, because there had been tensions over the unfulfilled love triangle between Bernice, Steve and Dome. Sometime after his retirement as a superhero with age Zippy Lad lost the use of his legs due to frequent use of his superpowers and since then has been in a wheelchair. Zippy Lad seemed to have had a particularly close relationship with Captain Deadbolt, whose body is now in Zippy Lads living room, since he permanently stiffened in an accident.

One day, the ex-members of the Justice Force were attacked by Doctor Dome's old Domebot because Doctor Dome wanted to draw Bernice out of hiding. But Bernice's daughter Ananda managed to communicate to Dome that Bernice had already died three years earlier, and thus bring him to his senses. At an undefined later date Zippy Lad became a board member of the Kurtzburg Memorial Hospital in New York City, a hospital specifically for superheroes and other extraordinary characters. His presence helped Michelangelo, who was one day brought there unexpectedly get over a misunderstanding with the staff and eventually even become a registered customer of the hospital (TMNT Vol.4 #2-3).


Zippy Lad has the power of super speed with which he could run at superhuman speed. He can fully use his power even in his current state, if necessary by moving his wheelchair with his still functioning arms forward. He can also use his arms as offensive weapon by creating vibrations with extreme speed and thus creating a kind of saw or drum effect.


  • The design of Zippy Lads costume is based on the outfit of the DC Comics superhero The Flash (Jay Garrick) from Earth-2, which - together with his counterpart, the second Flash (Barry Allen) - appeared for the first time in the story "Flash of Two Worlds" (Flash #123, 1961).
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