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Pulverizing Pavement Pounder


It’s always a party when you are taking down the bad guys! Now, Donnie and Casey Jones have created the ultimate Green Team party machine.

  • Armored up and loaded with ninja weapons, nothing can stop the Turtle’s Party Wagon!
  • Easy-open front compartment means you can load up the Turtles and ride into action! Fits all basic TMNT action figures.
  • Please note: action figures not included.
  • Ready a ninja attack behind the armored door!
  • Please note: action figure not included.
  • Reveal spring-launched missiles and fire away!


  • The Party Wagon is a retooling of the 2014 release Turtle Assault Van, which explains minor problems like:
    • Its red door and Venus painting are on the opposite sides.
    • Its back doesn't correspond to the one of a Volks Wagen van.
    • Under the driver's window it has the 2014 film turtles' symbol.



Party Wagon Instructional Video

Party Wagon Instructional Video

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