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Party Wagon
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Ninja Turtles


The Party Wagon is a van that belonged to Kirby O'Neil.


  • The Invasion - After the destruction of the Shellraiser when the Kraang were invading New York City, Kirby still had the Party Wagon parked around the corner from the Second Time About from which they fled a Foot Clan attack on April's apartment. Kirby let the Turtles use the van, but Kirby himself was hit by Mutagen before they could flee, and did not accompany them as they left for North Hampton. It became the Turtles' primary means of transportation in the third season while they were living at the O'Neil Farm in North Hampton.
  • Buried Secrets - When April was six years old, Kirby took April and fled the O'Neil Farm to New York City in the Party Wagon, leaving Mrs. O'Neil behind after she was captured by the Kraang.
  • In Dreams - April and Casey use the Party Wagon when they need to go into town to buy groceries.
  • Race with the Demon - April, Casey, and Donnie return from getting groceries when the Speed Demon attacks them. Later Leonardo uses the van to push Speed Demon off the cliff.
  • Return to New York- Donatello lays a map of modifications causing the Turtles, Casey and April to customized the Party Wagon into an attack vehicle. Whilst not as heavily armored as the Shellraiser, it is more maneuverable, has more weapons and has better gas mileage. With the advanced vehicle, they are able to rescue Splinter and escape Shredder's lair after fighting off Tiger Claw.
  • Clash of the Mutanimals - While Donatello fixes up the Shellraiser, the Party Wagon is stolen by a mind controlled Tyler Rockwell and Slash who kidnapped Raphael. The Party Wagon is pursued by the Shellraiser and at the end is returned to the Lair.

Weapons and Mechanisms

The Party Wagon's arsenal counts with a flame throwing stuffed deer head, which pops from the top of the van, "Foot Stinks" stink bombs, that can be launched from the tin roof spoiler used as a catapult, and on its red door there are 3 soda cannons.

The Party Wagon also carries the Grass Kicker in the same way that the Shellraiser carries the Stealth Bike.


  • The van had "Dr. Kirby" written on its back, as it was Mr. O'Neil's van.
  • Playmates released a new Party Wagon toy in 2015.
  • The final customized version of the van has a reference to Venus de Milo painted on its left side.
  • The Party Wagon's license plate said "CWABNGA" as a reference to the Turtles' most famous catchphrase: Cowabunga. Before the Turtles remodeled the vehicle, the license plate said "LUVDCTR", as the van belonged to Doctor O'Neil in his "Peace and Love" days.


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