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Parker was Dr. Abigail Finn's assistant, voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas in the 2003 TV series episode The Monster Hunter. He works and travels with Dr. Finn as she films her cable television show, and is in charge of all her technical equipment such as the robot cameras. Shortly after arriving at the Jones farm, he prepared the cryo-containment unit for the capture of the Green Man, but was locked inside the interior of the trailer by Donatello.

He repaired the containment unit and assisted Dr. Finn as she hunted the Green Man, but was frequently thwarted when the Turtles destroyed the SORTI robots. At her behest, he called for a press conference after the capture of the Green Man, but Donatello successfully disabled the cameras, stole a tape of Mikey in the woods, and switched the creature with Casey. The following day, he informed Finn of the loss of the videotape, shortly before she was humiliated in front of the press.

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