Parasitica Wasp
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New York City, Earth


Mind control toxin

Weapon(s) of choice

Sting and mandibles

Physical description

Mutant parasitic wasps

Hair color

Black and yellow fuzz

Eye color


Out of universe information

2012 TV series

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Teachers and Students
Parasitica Wasps are a fictional insect species that was specially created for the 2012 TV series.


Large wasps with green glowing eyes and veins. Its wings look similar to those of Chong's 2nd form. Unlike most mutants, Parasitica is not anthropomorphic.


It was first created by the Kraang when they were experimenting on a parasitic wasp in a lab and poured mutagen on the wasp. It escaped and attacked the Kraang before the turtles found it in the secret Kraang lab. The turtles were able to defeat it, but not before it stung Leo (infecting him with a mutant polydnavirus). Upon finding that it had laid an egg, Mikey tries to destroy it, but Leo (under the infuence of the virus) suggests they take it back to the lab and examine it. Back at the lab, Donnie attempts to dissect it, but once again, Leo protects the egg and says they study how it develops. A short time later, Leo is completely taken over by the virus. Later that night, Raph attempts to attack the egg and is bitten by Leo, transmitting the virus.

The next morning, Donnie and Mikey see that Leo and Raph are infected and fight with them. They manage to apprehend Leo, but Raph escapes with the egg. While developing a serum for the virus Mikey notices a bite mark on Donnie's neck. Donnie tells him Mikey has to finish the serum and is taken over by the virus. He bites Mikey and runs to the others. Mikey miraculously manages to complete the serum and cures himself, but the serum knocks him out for a few minutes. Upon wake up, he tricks the others into believing he's infected and injects the serum into the three, curing them, but rendering them unconscious. Mikey turns around to see that the egg hatched into triplet wasps, which proceed to attack him. Mikey tries to get Donnie, Leo and Raph to wake up. The wasps chase him around the lair. The three finally become conscious and fight them off. They're cornered by the wasps until Mikey is finally able to defeat them with the Shellraiser's compressed garbage cannon, making them explode.

It seems that two wasps appear as the detained mutants in Metalhead Rewired. When Metalhead opened all of the cells, a wasp was seen peeking out when it discovered that its cell opened. Then, another wasp was seen with a Squirrelanoid and Pete as it flies to the portal. The other wasp failed to escape with the other captives, being knocked out of the air while heading for the portal opened by Metalhead.


  • Parasitica is an order of parasitic wasps.
  • When the triplet wasps come out of the egg they're already full size adult wasps instead of hatching as larva.


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