You are cordially invited to the centennial reunion of the Pantheon, the immortal family that influences the course of history. The main talking point? The fate of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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At the Den of Delights, the Toad Baron is raging about his perceived ill treatment at the paws of Alopex. Alberto manages to calm him, just in time for rats to swarm over the banquet table. The Rat King arrives first, followed by their sister Jagwar, followed by Aka, and then by an angry Kitsune, who still feels betrayed by Aka. As they sit down to eat, the tentacled and hairy Gothano arrives, followed by the giant Manmoth. The siblings decide not to wait for Chi-You, as he hasn't shown up for five hundred years (although the other siblings clearly know that Kitsune had something to do with it).

Jagwar begins inquiring about the mutants, and Aka argues that they are more than genetic anomalies, but the true children of the Pantheon. The Toad Baron complains about how Alopex has gained some resistance to the Pantheon's mind-control, which Gothano blames on Kitsune's rashness. Aka intervenes before a fight between Kitsune and Jagwar can break out,

She then quizzes Kitsune about her plans for Oroku Saki, and despite her initial claims to have no plans any longer, Kitsune admits that for centuries she has been crafting the perfect vessel to rule the world - for their father, the Dragon. Her siblings aren't pleased by the idea.

Just then, the Rat King hears something whispering, and sees a pair of rats levitating—or rather, climbing on something invisible. The Turtles, wearing the Street Phantoms' old cloaks, are suddenly revealed to the Pantheon.

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  • The Rat King, a human-rat hybrid, is revealed to be a nonchalant cannibal who eats other rats. This is a recurring theme among different versions of the Rat King:
    • In the Mirage TMNT issue City at War, Part 8 of 13, the Rat King advised Splinter to eat other rats to avoid starving to death, which Splinter eventually had no choice but to do.
    • In the 2012 TV series episode "Darkest Plight", which partially adapted Splinter's story in City at War, the Rat King also advised Splinter to eat other rats to survive, though this version of Splinter refused to (depictions of cannibalism are seldom permitted in TV-Y7-rated television shows anyway).