Pantheon group shot

From left to right: Aka, Manmoth, Kitsune, Gothano, Jagwar, Toad Baron, Rat King.
Absent: Chi-You.


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In the IDW continuity, the Pantheon is a family of divine animal beings, with each member of the group having jurisdiction over a species of animal. They have shadowy goals as most of them manipulate and control the lives of others in order to create events in their favor. Additionally, each Pantheon member's sphere of influence seems to correspond to a geographical location (KitsuneJapan, Chi-YouChina, Rat KingEurope, AkaAmerican Southwest).





The Pantheon

Earlier group shot.

  • The Pantheon's living members weren't fully shown, named and listed until Pantheon Family Reunion. Some previously seen group pictures of the Pantheon show what appear to be unnamed members not counted among the present list. It is never clear whether these are former members who have since died like the Dragon, or were extras whose character designs had not been finalized. One such character resembles a cobra, while several others are shown chiefly as shadowy silhouettes with glowing eyes.


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