Panda khan.jpg

The Samurai Bashin' Bear!

Vital Pantistics

Birthplace: A small out of the way dimension
Height: 8'
Weight: 350 lbs. (that includes all his fur)
Pet Peeve: People who say, "Who gave you the black eyes?"
Favorite Battle Hold: Bear hug


Descended from giant mutant Earth pandas, a thousand years in the future, Panda Khan is the Samurai ruler of a genetically improved tribe of battlin' bears. Leaving his alien world in search of great adventure, Khan boarded a Tong pirate ship and using the ancient art of Ting Zing Pao, time-traveled to Earth, 1990. Landing in the sewers, Panda Khan linked up with the Turtles for an unbearably good time. Living by the code of the Khan, Panda Khan "Khantinues" to help the Turtles combat crime and cruelty wherever he finds it. Outfitted with his protective chain mail and samurai armor, Panda Khan's hard for the Foot Clan to "bear."


  • Dragon's Claws Sword
  • Battle Axe
  • Fusion Blaster
  • Gou Hook