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Desperate Measures, part 4

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Pam is the wife of Wesley Knight. In the Desperate Measures arc, Wesley speaks to her over the phone, telling her he won't be home when planned, due to a work issue.

Due to Agent John Bishop's extensive information on the families and lives of all Dark Water members, Old Hob was able to learn of Pam's relationship to Wesley and obtain her address. He kidnapped her as well as Bishop's elderly father.

In Desperate Measures, part 4, she was one of the hostages during a standoff between Bishop and Hob. Hob used her as a mouthpiece to demand the return of the Mutanimals, with the threat that she would be killed if they were not returned. After she pleaded with her husband to relent, he chose to end his association with the Earth Protection Force and free the Mutanimals. Hob released Pam, and she returned home with Wesley.

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