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Palmadise is a planet in Dimension X appearing in the TMNT Adventures and The Mighty Mutanimals comics.


Palamdise was a wild paradise filled with Palm Trees. One of the natives of Slash who loved the wild planet.

However Slash's idyllic paradise would be shattered when a massive army of government sponsored workers from the planet Vertmorte arrived by spaceship. Under orders of their Galactic Emperor, the workers quickly stripped the planet bare of its palm tres, leaving none behind, the wood from the Palm trees would be used to build another palace for their emperor with the rest being used as firewood for the new palace's fireplace.

This action irreparably destroyed Palmadise ecosystem, eventually resulting in the death of all life and eventually the planet itself from an accelerated greenhouse effect.

Horrified about the death of his home, Slash went on a rampage against Vertmorte and all authority's figures throughout the galaxy, leading to his prison sentence to Morbus.


  • Slash would appear to be the only sentient life on the planet based on what little is shown of it.
  • Slash would later give not wanting another planet being destroyed like Palmadise as a reason for his sacrifice to kill Maligna, who destroyed planets in a similar way to Palmadise.
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