The dinosaur-capturing chopper!

This steel steed from 65 million B.C. has everything a Paleo Patrol Turtle could ask for – 3200cc of Donatello-customized horsepower backed up with enough firepower to knock a T-Rex flat (courtesy of the Mesozoic missile launcher)! And the gargantuan capture claw has enough muscle to snare and capture the baddest big butt brontosaurus! The Dino Bike is dino-mite!


  • Stone Headed Spear
  • Mesozoic Missile


Donatello Action Figure:

  • Ball Jointed Neck
  • Rotating and Hinged Shoulders
  • Rotating Elbows
  • Rotating Wrists
  • Rotating and Hinged Hips
  • Hinged Knees
  • Rotating and Hinged Ankles


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