Osoroshi no Tabi
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) episode
Season Code: 516
Episode: 112
Original airdate July 30, 2017
Written by Brandon Auman
Supervising Producer Patrick Krebs & Ant Ward
Producers: Ciro Nieli
MacGregor Middleton
Directed by Sebastian Montes
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ben Jones & Ciro Nieli
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"Yojimbo" "Kagayake! Kintaro"

"Osoroshi no Tabi" is the eighth episode of the fifth and final season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series), and is the one-hundred and twelfth episode overall in the series.

Production-wise, it is the sixteenth episode of Season 5, as well as the one-hundred and twentieth episode overall. It first aired on July 30th, 2017.

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 5
March 19, 2017 - November 12, 2017
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Usagi leads the Turtles through a haunted forest, where they end up encountering mischievous and highly dangerous Yokai.



Chased by Sumo Kuma's horsemen, the Turtles, along with Usagi and Kintaro, race toward a cliff. When they reach it, they all fall and barely hold the deadly fall with the blows of hundreds of branches of the forest. Finally, all are saved without counting the multiple damages suffered to fall from that great height. Leo immediately starts arguing with Usagi, angry for giving the lead to a crazy rabbit who had no better idea than to fall by a risk. However, Usagi does not remain silent, claiming that this was the best and only option they had if they wanted to escape from that difficult situation. Leonardo decides that they already had too much to follow that rabbit and leads his brothers by a different way, but then Mikey and Don make him notice the inevitable, they must follow Usagi if they want to find a way to return to their dimension ...

The afternoon falls when the team arrives in a forest led by Usagi. The samurai rabbit points out that the fastest way to reach its destination "temple of Buddha sky" is through the "vines forest", and then through the mountains. Hearing the mention of the forest Kintaro is frightened, all rumors say that place is haunted. However, nobody else seems afraid to walk through the forest, and everyone goes into it. When night falls, and they have been walking for a while, Leonardo proposes to Usagi to camp there, but Usagi refuses they are in the heart of the dominions of the yokai, it is best to continue without delay. But then something strange happens, thousands of crows begin to squawk alerting everyone, when the noises cease they discover that Mikey has disappeared.

Everyone starts shouting for Mikey, but when the Turtle finally appears he looks very weird. Mikey does not stop smiling in an uncomfortable way, as Don points out, Mikey no longer wears his nunchakus. At this, Mikey responds that he does not need his nunchakus since he now has a sword, Leonardo's sword. Leo furious demands that his brother return his weapon, but Mikey does not and begins to annoy and beat all his brothers.

Watching this strange behavior Usagi strikes Michelangelo hard, and when he does the turtle becomes a heap of leaves from which emerges a strange creature resembling a raccoon running out. Usagi orders them to capture that creature immediately and so they all follow. As he explains he knows that creature is a Tanuki, a mischievous magical being who can help or hurt people. But while everyone tries to stop the Tanuki, Donatello notices something strange in his team there are two Raphael's. The two Turtles begin to fight and accuse each other of being the impostors, but Usagi very astutely reveals the truth, hitting them both shows that they were two Tanukis, and that the real Raphael just like Mikey has also disappeared.

Minutes later they locate the refuge of the Tanukis, where apparently they prepare a feast: the main dish are two succulent Turtles. Usagi asks Leo and Don to wait before rescuing their brothers, but they do not listen to him, as saving Mikey and Raph is much more important. In this way, Leo and Don get to save their brothers immediately, preventing them from being cooked. But the Tanukis do not give up and mischievously start fighting the Turtles. After none of them could even hit those elusive creatures, they drifted away. When Usagi approaches, he informs them that everything would have been easier if they had made an offering, then he leaves a piece of carrot as a tribute and advises the turtles to do the same if they do not want the Tanuki to continue to bother them. In this way, after Don scold Mikey, he breaks off one of the two remaining slices of pizza and offers it as an offering. Leaving these offerings, the team leaves and begins its journey through the forest.

Then the team arrives in a cave, where they find gigantic cobwebs and large spiders. The place looks desolate but then they hear screams of help from a woman. Following the calls of that voice, Usagi discovers that it is about Akemi that is trapped between the telerañas, and although this is suspicious, Leonardo does not hesitate to help it. Usagi takes a few seconds to understand everything, but it's too late, Leo already finds Akemi releasing her. Everything happens very quickly, and before Usagi manages to warn him about the danger to Leo, the turtle is struggling against a strange arachnid creature. Usagi gets close to Leo, and with his sword manages to drive away the beast. But the spider demon does not stray far and stalks from everywhere trying to devour one of the team members.

Gradually the spider demon Joroguma gets all the turtles to fall into their web, even gets to wrap up Rafa and Leo, or even Kintaro and Usagi get saved, all end at the mercy of that monster. It seemed the end to them, but then something catches the attention of Joroguma another Kintaro has appeared in the place and hits him on the head with rock. Joroguma chases the other Kintaro, and while doing it neglects his prey. Suddenly several Tanuki appear to rescue the turtles from that sticky net; when released, they all fall into the void, but the Tanuki help them reach a rock ledge where they gently deposit them. Usagi bows to the Tanuki thanking them for their help, and these beings disappear as quickly as they appeared.

After leaving that cave the team finally camping in a safe place. The rest of the turtles next to Kintaro are exhausted and fall asleep quickly. But Leonardo goes to Usagi and apologizes for not listening to him before, his arrogance made them get into many problems in an unnecessary way. Usagi accepts the Turtle's apologies and also admits that Leo will do the first guard when asked. Leonardo sits during the guard until he suddenly sees something that freezes his blood, Jei is right there. Leo quickly awakens the others by alerting them to the danger. The turtles are on guard to face the enemy, and Mikey hastily decides to attack first. Jei fights against Michelangelo and without much effort manages to defeat him, then crosses the turtle with his spear. Jei pulls Mikey to the side as he confronts Rafael that furious they launch at him. Jei throws flares over Rafael and leaves him out of combat, then manages to immobilize Don with his powers. Leonardo faces the truth his little brother is dead, and the rest of his brothers were defeated. The cold rain falls on them.

While Leonardo weeps for his brother's death, Jei does not stop talking to him, telling him that he can feel the evil that lives inside the tortoise and is willing to purge it. Leo says nothing, he draws his sword and looks full of hatred at Jei. The battle between them begins, both are fierce warriors and fight at par. But then Jei manages to bring down Leonardo, pointing him with spear mocks how young and inexperienced the tortoise is. It was the end for Leonardo until he awoke to Raphael's cries. Confused Leonardo wakes up in the camp with all his brothers and friends. Leonardo initially thinks that it is a simple dream, but Usagi informs him that it was not like that, they were under the powers of Jei, all turtles had the same dream and when they were eliminated they woke up from it. What they do not know is that Jei observes them from a distance with their magic, mocking the turtles that are nothing more than simple puppets of the gods ... laughing maniacally....

Back at the camp, Usagi encourages others to continue with their journey, yet are not far from danger and the mountain is what follows ...


  • When Usagi leads the Turtles and their horses plummeting off a cliff, when they hit the ground, their horses are nowhere to be found.
  • When Usagi uses a carrot as his peace offering to the Tanuki, Raphael pokes fun of him by saying "What's up, Doc?", referencing the beloved Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny.
  • The title of the episode is Japanese for "Journey of Fear".