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Oscar is a taxicab driver. He appears in the episode Raphael Drives 'Em Wild of the 1987–1996 series.[1] He's mind is switched with, Raphael's before Raphael and Oscar are returned to themselves at the end of the episode.

On his way home from getting pizza, Raphael and Oscar accidentally were exposed to rays from a Personality Transmogrifier. When the device went off off, Raphael's mind gets switched with Oscar's. However, both individuals were unaware of this event.

While April was on her way to interview the Premier of Vadeem, she spotted "Raphael" driving the cab that Mr. Big and Little Huey were in. April tried to talk to him, but Oscar thought she she's nuts when she called him Raphael. Confused, she followed Oscar's cab to the pier where the Premier was kidnapped, and was horrified by the thought that "Raphael" was involved in a kidnapping.

Oscar went along with the kidnapping until they returned to Mr. Big's hideout, and the diminutive criminal revealed his intentions to kill Oscar. Angered by the lack of payment, Oscar took the soon-to-explode Transmogrifier and escaped with the Premier, with Mr. Big and the Turtles in hot pursuit. A four-way collision ensued, triggering the Transmogrifier and switching Oscar back into his true body.

After their minds are switched back, April ends up getting her interview with the Premier, Oscar gets a medal for saving the Premier and the Turtles return home with the real Raphael.


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