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Earth, Japan


Oroku Saki


Shadow Fiend
The Mean Teddybear

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August 7, 2020


Foot Clan leader


Foot Clan

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Human (formerly)



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Red (as Shredder)

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Rise of the TMNT

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Shadow of Evil (flashback)
End Game



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Hoon Lee

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— "'Shredder in "Rise

The Shredder formerly known as Oroku Saki is the true main antagonist of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and both the arch-nemesis and direct ancestor of Splinter and the Turtles.

Physical appearance

The Shredder's physical appearance is much different from most members of the cast. A large, hulking creature that is probably the largest, he sports a elongated neck along with a hunched over body. He has fanged teeth,and clawed hands and feet. He is heavily armored with long, nearly dark red cloth on his back, and his head is much smaller compared to the rest of his body. Despite his strange stature and body, he is able to move faster than most members of the cast.


Five hundred years ago, The Foot Clan was at peace until they were invaded by a mysterious clan that was clad in black, in Japan. The Foot Clan's leader, Oroku Saki, the man who became the Shredder, made a deal with a horrible Oni which forged a unstoppable and mystic armor called the Kuroi Yōroi, which he used to defeat that clan without effort. However, the armor swallowed his soul. It corrupted him,and took control of the Foot Clan before turning them into a clan that committed acts of terrorism and destruction across Japan. His daughter Karai had no choice, so she forged the Hamato Clan to fight against the tyranny of the demon and the Foot. The Hamato Clan managed to beat Shredder due to Karai using a mystic blade, stating as "No mortal weapon could harm the Shredder." Sealing both in the Twilight Realm, forcing them both into unspeakable horrors while the armor was spread across the globe to prevent the Shredder from being complete again.

In "Shadow of Evil", it is revealed that the Foot Lieutenant and the Foot Brute have enlisted Baron Draxum to find the pieces of the Kuroi Yōroi. As a part of the chest pthe iece was placed with the armor, a brief glimpse of the Shredder's face was seen.

After the Kuroi Yōroi is completed in "End Game", Baron Draxum dons the armor, and the Foot Brute and Lieutenant address him as Shredder, but he rejects the title, confused with the name “Shredder”. Furthermore, due to a flaw in the armor (the Turtles' Jupiter Jim figure shoved in to cover a hole when the faceplate was used as a tea kettle), the transformation failed to complete. After Draxum was defeated and cast out of the armor, it reassembled itself, having drained Draxum of his life force.

In "Many Unhappy Returns", It is explained by the Foot Lieutenant that they were using Draxum all along and the armor needed his life force to reawaken. When the Shredder was about to face the turtles, April and Splinter, the Foot trio cheered for him, saying "shred", before he attacks them instead. After Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo attempt to engage him and immediately lost, Shredder then jumps to attack Leo, Splinter, and April before suddenly teleporting to elsewhere, where it appears in the pizza place before attacking Albearto and the rest of the animatronics before the team attempts to fight him again, but Shredder overpowers them and disappears. He then appears in several places but the turtles utterly lose to Shredder, before Leonardo and Splinter head off to meet Big Mama. Big Mama explains that Shredder is not tethered to the dimension and is warping in and out of our world. Shredder then engages Raph, Mikey, Donnie, and April O'Neil once more and then was attracted to these fireworks, which the Shredder furiously fought his way, cutting through large steel containers and a freighter boat and eventually disappearing for the final time before returning in the middle of the streets of New York City, which the team finally defeats the Shredder, and Big Mama seals the Shredder away with the mystic collar which tethers him to this dimension before he disappeared into a portal. However, she changed the deal at the last second, the Shredder now becoming the Shadow Fiend and becoming Big Mama's champion of the Battle Nexus.

The Shredder makes his return in "Battle Nexus: New York" as Big Mama's Shadow Fiend, clothed in a dark cloak. Under Big Mama's control via a mystic ring, the Shredder battled against the Turtles, Splinter, April, and Baron Draxum to retrieve the Big Mama's mystic orb which the citizens of New York is a paradise illusion. Despite their best efforts, the heroes were able to defeat the Shredder. Big Mama eventually loses her mystic ring to the Foot Recruit, granting her control over the Shredder and allowing her to destroy Big Mama's empire.

Shredder returned in the "Finale Part 1: E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", unable to move at all as he was still a mindless feral beast and was only controlled through the mystic ring. After Splinter, Draxum, April, and the Turtles managed to get themselves through Splinter's memories, finding out that a ancient weapon sealed the Shredder, they went to the Twilight Realm to get it. After obtaining the weapon, who is revealed to be Karai, the Shredder's sentient spirit that was sealed in the realm returned to his empty vessel as he could speak again and his full power unleashed as he laughs.

The Shredder in "Finale Part 2: Shreddy or Not" immediately besieged the lair after sensing Karai's energy and storming through New York to find her. He destroys the turtle's mystic weapons and nearly kills them several times, and easily defeated them before destroying the lair and attempting to take Karai's energy. After that, he immediately engaged Draxum and Splinter in a fate for humanity.

The Shredder in "Finale Part 3: Anatawa Hitorijanai" was complaining about how his power never changed after defeating Karai and capturing Draxum and Splinter, which was because he didn't get to take it properly. So the Shredder went to Draxum's lab along with the remaining members of the Foot Clan, the Shredder then tried to get his hands on the Empyrean source, but Draxum proclaims that Shredder was the true threat that was described in the prophecy and attempted to defeat him but was immediately beaten. Shredder then appeared in the Crying Titan, making the newly appointed Foot Clan general (the Foot Recruit) create a ritual to drain the Hamato essence from Splinter.

In "Finale Part 4: Rise", the Shredder attempted to gain supreme power over the Hamato essence, but failed. However, he still managed to fight the turtle, and might have won but for the Hamato Clan regathering and destroying the dark armor for good, ending the Shredder's life and reuniting Oroku Saki's liberated spirit with Karai and the Hamato Clan.


The Shredder is depicted as a Omnipresent evil in the legends, each version of the backstory being slightly different but usually all came back towards The Shredder's terrorism across Japan and being destroyed by the Hamato Clan. The armor itself is sentient, forcibly latching onto powerful hosts to increase it' strength and bring itself back to life as it relies on Mystical Energy. As a result, it does not even harm him. As Shredder Draxum, Shredder only stole the life force in a matter of moments before becoming his full form. However, a piece was completely missing, hindering all of the Shredder's power throughout his appearances. The Shredder was completely feral and acted like a nangry stray cat, but proceeded to assault everything in it' vicinity. As the Shadow Fiend, he was more restrained and more in control, not running on all fours but this time fought with his fists and hands. After that, he considerably did nothing and was hostile or at least looked like he was to anyone who basically wasn't Cassandra Jones. After his full power was unsealed, he gained the ability to talk and only sought out the Hamato Essence and continued to claim to become invincible once he got it.


Unlike his other incarnations, he is a drastic take on the Shredder persona. His other two demonic variants do have a form of magical power and use it to their advantage (limb stretching, magical beams), but this Shredder is utterly a doomsday type-variant of him. The Shredder does not use any magic, but he uses physical power, speed, and his nigh-unstoppable durability to crush his foes and is a massive threat in the verse. The Shredder possesses powerful claws that can easily tear apart steel and is able to knock a massive freighter boat into the ground and can cut it in half. His mere slashes are able to launch the turtles way, and has been shown to be formidably resistant to the many attacks from the mystical weapons, including a mystical bat that is much more powerful than a average bat upon striking. The Shredder's speed is also immense; he was able to blitz the turles, and was able to regenerate his wounds and manipulate his body in many ways on the defensive and the offensive at full power.



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