Oroku Saki
Biographical information

Japan, Earth (formerly)
The Battle Nexus, Hidden City (formerly)
The Twilight Realm (formerly)


The Shredder
Shadow Fiend (Battle Nexus stage name)


The Shredder beast (by Splinter and Big Mama)
Shredface (by Raphael)
"Boogeyman" (by Hamato Yoshi)
The Mean Teddy Bear (by Hamato Sho)
Father (by Hamato Karai)
Shred Head (by Raphael)

Date of death

August 7, 2020


Armor empowerment

Weapon(s) of choice

Foot Clan leader
Battle Nexus competitor (formerly)


Hamato Karai (daughter)
Mystic Aura (descendant)
Hamato Sho (descendant)
Hamato Atsuko (descendant)
Hamato Yoshi (descendant)
Raphael (descendant)
Leonardo (descendant)
Donatello (descendant)
Michelangelo (descendant)

Physical description

Human (formerly)
Ghost (currently)

Eye color

Pink (as the Shredder)

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— The Shredder in "Rise

The Shredder, formerly known as Oroku Saki, is the main antagonist of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is the direct human ancestor of Splinter and the Turtles through his daughter Hamato Karai. He wishes to terrorize humanity with his destructive power and attain invincibility by consuming the essence of those belonging to the Hamato Clan.

Physical Appearance


As a human, Oroku Saki was a middle-aged Japanese man with a lean figure. He wore a kimono with a geometric design and the Foot Clan emblem placed on the right side of his chest and the center of his back. He also wore tabi and geta.


The Shredder's physical appearance is very different from most members of the cast. He is a large, hulking demon with purple skin and prominent pink veins on his arms. He sports an elongated neck along with a slightly hunched over body. He has fanged teeth, and clawed hands and feet. He is heavily armored, with two long, thin, dark red ribbon-like strips of cloth on his back, and his head is much smaller compared to the rest of his body. Despite his strange stature and body, he is able to move faster than most members of the cast. As shown in the series' finale, he can change his armor into weapons like a bladed shield, chains from his feet and can transform his entire body into a final form, a colossal being of pure armor, drills for limbs and pink flames.


The Shredder is perpetually enraged and incredibly belligerent upon his revival, acting more like a feral beast than a disciplined fighter, oftentimes snarling and running on all fours. He operates on instinct, devoid of complex thought, and is indiscriminately hostile, shown when he attacks members of his own clan immediately upon being resurrected in “Many Unhappy Returns”. The Shredder is easily thrown into frenzied rages by stimuli such as loud voices and the sight of fire. Consequently, he can become distracted relatively easily in pursuit of his latest offense.

When the Shredder is remade into Shadow Fiend as a Battle Nexus competitor, he gains a degree of composure and approaches combat in a more conventional manner, delivering punches instead of animalistically swiping and lunging at opponents. However, the Shredder has very little autonomy as Shadow Fiend as he is under the control of Big Mama’s mystic collar and ring, forced to mindlessly obey the wearer’s commands.

The Shredder’s demeanor, though his ruthlessness and proclivity for violence remain, is far more human-like once he regains his full power in “Shreddy or Not”. He becomes capable of speech and is concise when speaking. The Shredder is unwaveringly focused on achieving invincibility no matter the brutality he must enact on others to obtain it, even against his closest family. He disposes of his allies once they no longer benefit him shown when he abandons Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute after they are trapped beneath rubble he dislodges in “Rise” and demands absolute submission from others, enraged by Foot Recruit's defiance.


Many Years Ago

500 years ago, Saki was the leader of the Foot Clan. His clan was thriving and at peace until they were invaded by another clan that positively overwhelmed the Foot with its violence. Desperate to prevent the extinction of his clan, Saki made a deal with an alien being which forged an unstoppable mystic armor called the Kuroi Yōroi, which he used to defeat the rival clan without effort. However, the armor swallowed his soul and corrupted him, resulting in the emergence of the Shredder. Under his leadership, he turned the Foot into a clan that committed acts of terrorism and destruction across Japan. His daughter Karai then forged the Hamato Clan to fight against the tyranny of the demon and the Foot. The Shredder was defeated by the Hamato Clan due to Karai's use of the Hamato Clan's fighting technique called the Hamato Ninpō and a mystic blade as "no mortal weapon could harm the Shredder". Sealing them both in the Twilight Realm, forcing them both into unspeakable horrors while the armor was spread across the globe to prevent the Shredder from returning.

Modern Day

The Shredder was first mentioned in "Shadow of Evil", where it was revealed that Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute had enlisted Baron Draxum to find the pieces of the Kuroi Yōroi after approaching him earlier in "The Evil League of Mutants". As a part of the chest piece was placed onto the armor, a brief glimpse of the Shredder's face manifested.

The Shredder debuted in "End Game". After the Kuroi Yōroi was assembled to completion at the Shredder's shrine, Draxum donned the armor and Foot Brute and Foot Lieutenant addressed him as the Shredder, assuming that the transformation had transpired and that Draxum was no more, leaving the Shredder himself before them. However, it became apparent that due to a defect in the armor (the Turtles' Jupiter Jim action figure shoved in to cover a hole when the faceplate was used as a tea kettle), the transformation failed to complete. After Draxum was defeated by the Mad Dogs and cast out of the armor, it properly reassembled itself into the Shredder, having drained Draxum of his life force.

In "Many Unhappy Returns", it was revealed by Foot Lieutenant that the Foot was using Draxum to provide the armor the life force it needed to reawaken. The Shredder attacked his Foot soldiers when they began chanting encouragement for him to assault Splinter and the Mad Dogs. He effortlessly countered Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo's attack on him before turning his violence towards Leonardo, Splinter, and April O'Neil and inexplicably teleporting elsewhere in the midst of it. The Shredder reappeared at Albearto's, destroying its animatronics before he was confronted by the Mad Dogs again, but he overpowered them and disappeared once more. He then manifested in several locations around New York, prevailing over the Mad Dogs with each encounter, before Leo and Splinter split from the team to seek out Big Mama. After observing the Shredder, Big Mama concluded that he was not secured to their dimension and was warping in and out of it uncontrollably as a result. Later, at a New York shipyard, the Shredder engaged Raph, Mikey, Donnie, and April. The Turtles, in an attempt to discover a weakness in the Shredder, attacked him and were able to briefly subdue him by exploiting his ticklishness. However, he escaped their grasp once he saw fireworks being launched from a nearby boat and furiously fought his way towards them with the intention to slaughter those onboard. He cut through shipping containers and a cargo ship thrown at him by Mikey, but was further confronted by Raph and Donnie. The Shredder was able to best the two of them, but he was suddenly hit with a shipping container suspended from a crane operated by April. He continued towards the fireworks, but disappeared before he was able to attack those on the boat. He later materialized for the final time on the streets of New York where Splinter and all of the Turtles, newly reunited, awaited him. The Shredder was fitted with a mystic collar by Leo, rendering him powerless, and Big Mama's assistant appeared alongside Big Mama to use a mystic device to confine him.

The Shredder's victories in the Battle Nexus as Shadow Fiend and status as Big Mama's new Battle Nexus champion were broadcasted at her auction house in "The Hidden City Job".

The Shredder reappeared in "Battle Nexus: New York" as Shadow Fiend, his identity hidden under a cloak. The Shredder was summoned to tip the situation back into Big Mama's favor after Raph suddenly appeared at the Grand Nexus Hotel alongside the other Turtles trying to possess Big Mama's orb that held the New York City population within it. Under Big Mama's control via her mystic ring, the Shredder battled against the Mad Dogs, Splinter, Draxum, and Foot Recruit to take the orb. He shrugged off the barrage of attacks from the Mad Dogs, Splinter, and Foot Recruit and was ordered by Big Mama to prioritize Draxum as he was attempting to release the New York City citizens while he fled from him. The Shredder followed Draxum into the Grand Nexus Hotel and the air pressure from his punch forced him through every floor of the hotel. He quickly met Draxum at the top floor, but he was stopped from attacking him due to Splinter and the Mad Dogs using their Mystic Hot Soup Hibernator technique to eject him from the hotel. The Shredder returned to the hotel after Foot Recruit utilized the ring to order him to kill everyone else. He destroyed the Grand Nexus Hotel under Foot Recruit's command and then returned with her to the Foot Shack.

The Shredder was unable to move at all as he was still a mindless, feral beast and was under the control of the mystic collar he still wore in "Finale Part 1: E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". After Splinter, Draxum, and the Mad Dogs managed to obtain the information involving the required means to defeat the Shredder through Splinter's memories, they went to the Twilight Realm to retrieve the weapon mentioned. The removal of the weapon, which was revealed to be Karai herself, released the Shredder's sentient spirit that was sealed in the realm which returned to his empty vessel, allowing him to speak and overcome the collar's control with his full power finally restored.

The Shredder, desiring both revenge on Karai for defeating him in the past and invincibility by stealing her essence, left the Foot Shack to immediately besiege the lair where she was located in "Finale Part 2: Shreddy or Not". He ordered Foot Lieutenant, Brute, and Recruit to eliminate any opposition and then attempted to attack Karai, but was bound by Mikey's mystic kusari-fundo before he reached her. Angered by his intervention, he temporarily set aside Karai to combat the Turtles. The Shredder destroyed each of their mystic weapons and when he was moments away from killing Raph after destroying his protective mystic construct, Karai confronted him with her Hamato Ninpō and a battle between them ensued. The Shredder eventually managed to restrain her, but in an attempt to overwhelm the Shredder's body with her Ninpō, Karai projected a large surge into him, causing his chest cavity to fracture open and leave Saki's soul exposed. In retaliation, he inflicted a fatal wound upon her by impaling Karai's chest with a sharp projection from his armor. He then abandoned her in pursuit of the Turtles once they retreated to the garage where Splinter, Draxum, and the Foot were. The Turtles escaped the ravaged lair with Todd Capybara in the Turtle Tank and he met Splinter and Draxum in a clash, resulting in the Shredder's victory.

The Shredder held Splinter and Draxum captive in "Finale Part 3: Anatawa Hitorijanai" and was displeased at the realization that his power hadn't been amplified by Karai's defeat. He was then informed by Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute that the ability to extract another's essence required Empyrean and he decided to extract Splinter's essence in Karai's stead. Draxum then offered to give the Shredder his supposed store of Empyrean so he left the lair and traveled to Draxum's laboratory along with the remaining members of the Foot. Upon their arrival, he expected to receive Draxum's Empyrean, but Draxum instead proclaimed that the Shredder was the true threat that was described in the Yōkai prophecy that troubled him so and attempted to attack him using his golem, but the Shredder immediately shut down his efforts and prevented him and Splinter from fleeing. Threatening to crush Splinter in his grip, he forced Draxum to honestly lead him to the substance.

The Shredder appeared at the Empyrean's location, the Crying Titan, in "Finale Part 4: Rise", having deserted Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute to free their bodies from laboratory rubble on their own and made Foot Recruit his new general. He ordered her to create the ritual that would drain the essence from Splinter while he accessed the Empyrean. The ritual then activated, drawing out more and more of Splinter's Hamato energy from his body, but the Shredder was met with the arrival of the Mad Dogs, their abilities now significantly magnified by their Hamato Ninpō. He instructed Foot Recruit to guard Splinter from them and he faced the Mad Dogs in a battle, recovering from the powerful blow delivered from Donnie's drill and forcing the Mad Dogs away from Splinter with a blast of flame. The ritual having reached completion, the Shredder began to siphon Splinter's energy, but he was suddenly stopped by Foot Recruit. She broke one of the chains that bound Splinter's essence and the Shredder was struck by it before he could harm her. Infuriated with the sabotage of the ritual, he met Draxum, Splinter, Foot Recruit, Karai, and the Mad Dogs in a final confrontation, evolving into an advanced form to steadily overpower their mystic spear. However, his advantage diminished once the previous Hamato generations joined the struggle and the Shredder was unable to withstand their power. However, he still managed to fight the Mad Dogs, and might have won if the Hamato Clan had not regathered. The Kuroi Yōroi was then destroyed, ending the Shredder's life and reuniting Saki's liberated spirit with Karai and the Hamato Clan.


Unlike his other incarnations, he is a drastic take on the Shredder persona. His other two demonic variants do have a form of magical power and use it to their advantage (limb stretching, magical beams), but this Shredder is utterly a doomsday type-variant of him. The Shredder does not use any magic, but he uses physical power, extreme speed, and his nigh-unstoppable durability to crush his foes and is a massive threat in the verse. The Shredder possesses powerful claws that can easily tear apart steel and is able to knock a massive cargo ship into the ground and cut it in half. His mere slashes are able to launch the Turtles way, and he has been shown to be formidably resistant to the many attacks from the mystic weapons, including a mystic bat that is much more powerful than an average bat upon striking. The Shredder's speed is also immense; he was able to blitz the Mad Dogs in the blink of an eye, and was able to regenerate his wounds and manipulate his body in many ways on the defensive and the offensive at full power in "Shreddy or Not".

  • Armor empowerment: The Shredder’s abilities are derived from the Kuroi Yōroi he wears.
    • Armor manipulation: The Shredder has the ability to manipulate his armor in a variety of ways. He can project metal rods from his chest, create chains and blade shields, transform his gauntlets into sabers and drills, and erect giant serrated and non-serrated blades from the ground to pierce opponents. He can also masterfully manipulate the ribbons that emerge from his back. Their extendibility grants him considerable reach and he can move them quickly enough to slice through metal in a single movement.
    • Supernatural speed: The Shredder is capable of moving in bursts of speed faster than the eye can follow, seemingly without even moving as shown in “Battle Nexus: New York”, and is able to keep pace with the blistering speed granted by Hamato Ninpō.
    • Enhanced agility: Despite his size, the Shredder is remarkably agile, able to easily perform flips and tight movements and shown evading numerous falling shipping containers in “Many Unhappy Returns”.
    • Supernatural strength: The Shredder has showcased devastating feats of strength. He is able to remain standing and even push back beneath Raph’s Power Punch Jutsu, rupture large areas of earth with enough force to launch opponents several meters into the air with his fist, and halve numerous buildings from the raw force of the air pressure generated from his strikes even when they don’t connect with anything or anyone.
    • Supernatural leap: The Shredder can easily leap over skyscrapers in a single bound, at times making it seem as if he is flying due to the sheer distance his leaps can cover.
    • Powerful bite: The Shredder possesses exceptionally strong teeth and jaws, allowing him to easily break metal with his bite.
    • Supernatural durability: The Shredder’s body is immensely resistant to damage, able to endure a large drill boring into his face unflinchingly, being crushed beneath several shipping containers, large vehicles such as school buses being thrown at him, and explosions from tank trucks.
      • Pain resistance: The Shredder is highly resistant to physical pain.
      • Regeneration: The Shredder’s body can heal mere moments after sustaining an injury, quickly recovering from being impaled in multiple places and easily regenerating severed limbs.
    • Luminescence: The Shredder has the ability to illuminate the details of his armor and envelop his body in a vivid pink light. He can activate both effects simultaneously and separately as shown in "Many Unhappy Returns" and "Shreddy or Not".
    • Fire breath: The Shredder can project massive blasts of pink flames from his mouth to burn opponents/objects.
    • Energy detection: The Shredder is sensitive to Karai's energy and his perception of it is powerful enough to trace her precise location, even down to her exact position within a room of the lair as shown in "Shreddy or Not".
    • Super form: The Shredder is capable of transforming into an advanced form as shown in "Rise". His body becomes primarily composed of mystic energy in a vaguely humanoid shape. He develops immense size, his armor's color becoming dark purple and splitting into sharp shards covering his body with the armor around his torso appearing as a face with a gaping mouth. Several large projections protrude from his calves, torso, and chest including two giant wing-like appendages from his back, and he gains two additional pairs of eyes. In this state, the Shredder's already brutal strength is magnified and he retains his ability to transform his limbs into various weapons, notably drills. It is currently unclear if he can activate this form voluntarily or not.



  • Hamato Karai: Karai is Saki's daughter. Although his warm dynamic with her was interrupted by the Kuroi Yōroi's corruption when she was a child, Saki deeply loves and cares for Karai. However, as the Shredder, he has no absolutely no regard for her. He harbors a fierce hatred towards Karai for once defeating him and is eager to kill her to absorb her energy to obtain invincibility in "Shreddy or Not". Once the Shredder is vanquished, it is clear that Saki's paternal love for Karai remains undiminished to this day and he is delighted to reunite with her in "Rise".

Friends and Allies

  • The Foot Clan: Saki is a member of the Foot Clan and held the position of its leader. He was able to nurture the clan's peaceful prosperity as a human, but once he wore the Kuroi Yōroi to defend his clan against another clan's violence, he lead the Foot down a path of widespread brutality.
    • Foot Lieutenant: Though the Shredder was resurrected by Foot Lieutenant, he doesn't think highly of or care about him, casually deserting him once he inconvenienced him by becoming trapped beneath fallen wall fragments in Draxum's laboratory in "Rise".
    • Foot Brute: Though the Shredder was resurrected by Foot Brute, he doesn't think highly of or care about him, casually deserting him once he inconvenienced him by becoming trapped beneath fallen wall fragments in Draxum's laboratory.


  • The Hamato Clan: While Saki loathes the Hamato Clan as the Shredder, these feelings cease once the Shredder is eliminated, considering his beloved daughter is a part and the founding member of the Hamato, and he is embraced by the clan.
    • The Mad Dogs: The Shredder's destruction is repeatedly challenged by the Mad Dogs.
      • Michelangelo: The Shredder easily navigated through and destroyed a cargo ship that Mikey threw at him in "Many Unhappy Returns". When he invaded Mikey's home in search of Karai in "Shreddy or Not", Mikey stopped him from attacking her by binding him in his kusari-fundo's chains and in turn, the Shredder destroyed his weapon. During his first fight against him in "Rise", the Shredder was restrained by the chains of Mikey's nunchaku and kicked into the ground.
      • April O'Neil: The Shredder was able to resurrect due to April's dislodging of the Jupiter Jim figure stuck in his helmet in "End Game" and was struck with numerous shipping containers by April using a crane in "Many Unhappy Returns", however, they barely slowed him down. Later, in "Rise", the Shredder was beaten with April's mystic baseball bat who he soon realized, much to his displeasure, was harboring the ghost of Karai within her body.
      • Leonardo: The Shredder was fitted with Big Mama's mystic collar by Leo in "Many Unhappy Returns", leading him to be used as a fighter in her Battle Nexus. He almost immediately shattered his mystic ōdachi upon him joining his brothers in battle in "Shreddy or Not", but was unable to strike Leo with his giant blades in their fight in "Rise" and was taunted by Leo's blade teleportation.
      • Raphael: The Shredder fought Raph all over New York in his Shredder beast state in "Many Unhappy Returns", including overpowering his Power Punch Jutsu at a shipyard. In "Battle Nexus: New York", he was briefly forced out of the fight to obtain Big Mama's orb by the punch Raph delivered called the Mystic Hot Soup Hibernator and in "Shreddy or Not", Raph was his greatest adversary among the Turtles as his mystic construct was able to mirror the Shredder's huge size and immense strength, but he was eventually able to gain the upper hand over him, breaking his tonfā. He was stopped from killing Draxum when he threw his sai stand-in at his head and found it somewhat challenging to defend against Raph's numerous mystic duplicates in "Rise".
      • Donatello: The Shredder was confronted by Donnie using a swarm of his inventions as he tried to make his way to a boat carrying humans in "Many Unhappy Returns". However, he ran through the assault effortlessly, quickly catching up to Donnie and preventing him from flying away by tearing apart his battle shell. He soon after found himself blinded by a handkerchief Donnie threw at his eyes using his Tech-Bō and was disoriented by it. He easily took a hit from Donnie's oversized, augmented mallet in "Battle Nexus: New York", but was briefly rendered immobile by his drill in "Rise".
    • Hamato Yoshi / Lou Jitsu / Splinter: The Shredder chose to substitute Splinter's essence for the lost opportunity to absorb Karai's in "Anatawa Hitorijanai" and nearly succeeded in fully absorbing it in "Rise" before Foot Recruit intervened.
  • Baron Draxum: Draxum played a very large role in reviving the Shredder and it was his mystic power in "End Game" that allowed him to return. The Shredder relentlessly chased after Draxum to repossess Big Mama's orb from him and ended up launching him to the top floor of the Grand Nexus Hotel in "Battle Nexus: New York". Later, in "Anatawa Hitorijanai", the Shredder tentatively allied himself with Draxum after being told he could provide him with the Empyrean he desired and struck down his golem and damaged his already damaged laboratory in the process after he tried to attack him. Once the Shredder made it to the Crying Titan, he sought to kill Draxum, now deeming him useless, but was stopped by the appearance of the Mad Dogs.
  • Big Mama: The Shredder was imprisoned by Big Mama in "Many Unhappy Returns" and she turned him into a contestant in her Battle Nexus where he became one of her champions. He, under the control of her collar and ring, aided her in reclaiming her orb from the Mad Dogs, Splinter, Draxum, and Foot Recruit in "Battle Nexus: New York", however, he ceased being Big Mama's ally once Foot Recruit stole her ring and ordered him to obliterate her hotel.
  • Cassandra Jones / Foot Recruit: The Shredder's identity as Shadow Fiend was unveiled by Foot Recruit in "Battle Nexus: New York" and she controlled him by donning the ring to his collar, commanding him to destroy the Grand Nexus Hotel. Later, the Shredder promoted Foot Recruit to the position of Foot Clan general in "Rise" after Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute were pinned beneath rubble and ordered her to arrange the essence extraction ritual once they arrived at the Crying Titan. He was betrayed by Foot Recruit as she interrupted his absorption of Splinter's essence and he sought to kill her for her meddling.