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Oroku Saki
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Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

The former superhero sidekick Galahad tracked down the assassin Headhunter, the murderer of his mentor and uncle Reid, to New York City. He interrupts a man and woman in mid-coitus and begins attacking the man, who he believes is Headhunter, and tells the woman to lock herself safely in the bathroom. During the fight, the woman re-emerges, revealing herself to be Headhunter, and the man who Galahad had mistaken for the assassin is actually the Japanese crime boss Oroku Saki. Saki steps forward in his full Shredder armor and orders his Foot Soldiers to kill the pair.

Galahad and Headhunter call a truce and begin battling the Foot Clan. Galahad fights his way to the Shredder and explains that he’s only after Headhunter. Shredder refuses to give her up, saying they have unfinished business. Galahad then takes three arrows to the back and a bo staff to the head. As Galahad falls face first to the ground, Headhunter berates him for not taking the Shredder down when he had the chance and angrily calls their truce off. As Headhunter escapes, Shredder orders two of his Foot Soldiers to finish off Galahad while the rest go after Headhunter and bring her back alive. The Foot Soldiers decide to do a half-assed job and just dump Galahad’s body into the sewers.

After Galahad had recovered and left the sewer, he cautiously enters the shoe store and finds seven Foot Soldiers dead; slashed to death presumably by Headhunter. Galahad then finds the Shredder, sitting behind a desk. Shredder asks if "the White Knight" has come to rescue his damsel in distress, but Galahad insists he’s here to arrest her. Shredder is reluctant to give her up, as she’s a threat to his life and he doesn’t believe any prison can hold her. Galahad insists, leaving Shredder no choice…but to hand her over? It seems that he owes Galahad a debt of honor for (accidentally) saving his life when he was in bed with Headhunter. At any rate, he’s done with Headhunter, anyway. After an interrogation, it seems that seven of his Foot soldiers, displeased with Shredder’s leadership, hired Headhunter to deal with him. Shredder, in turn, dealt with them. Shredder then tells Galahad to go collect Headhunter and then never cross his path again, lest he be forced to kill him.