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In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Origami Ninja are the Foot Soldiers of the Foot Clan. They are recurring adversaries of the Mad Dogs.

Physical Appearance

Origami Ninja come in two varieties: one that is larger and wears red, and one that is smaller and wears dark blue. All Origami Ninja have cyan eyes and wear a kimono-like jacket and pants with wraps around their forearms and calves, a sash around their waist, and a face mask with a large Foot Clan emblem on the center.


Origami Ninja debuted in "Origami Tsunami". Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute were amassing hordes of paper inside a boat at a New York shipyard to create them. Origami Ninja fought the Turtles when they followed Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute to stop their paper thievery. However, the Turtles managed to defeat them (as well as a much larger variant), and activate the sprinklers to wet the stolen paper to prevent any more from being constructed.

Origami Ninja reappeared in "The Longest Fight" to combat the Turtles when they broke into Gilbert's Department Store and interrupted the Foot's Kuroi Yōroi fragment retrieval mission.

Origami Ninja were to fight the Turtles at the Museum of Art and Framing after Foot Brute was injured by them in "Stuck on You".

A horde of Origami Ninja attacked Splinter and the Mad Dogs in a New York station in "Shadow of Evil", their numbers forcing them to retreat from the fight to possess a Kuroi Yōroi shard and allowing the Foot and Baron Draxum to obtain both shards instead.

Origami Ninja fought Franken-Foot and the Turtles in "Sparring Partner" at Joe's Bandanas after Franken-Foot defected from their ranks to join the Mad Dogs.

Miniature Origami Ninja provoked Leonardo into laughing by tickling him when Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute wanted to foil the Turtles' mission by getting them sent to the Mystic Library's kiddie room for noise disruption in "Mystic Library". However, the Origami Ninja made Foot Lieutenant laugh instead when Raphael blew them onto him, consequently sending him to the kiddie room by the library's Hush-Bats.

Origami Ninja attempted to attack April O'Neil and Splinter in "End Game" when they broke into the Shredder's shrine to rescue the Turtles from captivity, but were quickly dispatched by Splinter's Macho Gazpacho Fury Kick. Later, they fought Splinter when Mayhem teleported him into the baseball stadium press box that Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute were observing Draxum's battle against the Turtles from.


Origami Ninja are the auxiliary forces of the Foot. They are created by Foot Lieutenant out of ordinary paper, and mystically brought to life in order to fight their enemies. Origami Ninja can be formed in different sizes, which vary depending on the the quantity or size of the paper used to create them. However, their lack of durability is their biggest shortcoming as they are easily shredded into paper scraps if they are hit or cut. Origami Ninja also cannot speak or produce vocal sounds of any kind.

  • Ninjutsu: Origami Ninja are brought to life already knowing the art of ninjutsu.


  • It is possible that only Foot Lieutenant has the ability to create Origami Ninja.
    • Foot Brute is briefly seen attempting to do so in "Origami Tsunami", but only manages to make an ordinary paper swan.


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