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Rise of the TMNT

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Origami Tsunami

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Russ Carney
Ron Corcillo

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Foot Lieutenant (creator)


Origami Ninja are the Foot Soldiers of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and recurring minor opponents of the Turtles. The Origami Soldiers are the auxiliary forces of the Foot Clan. They are created by the Foot Lieutenant out of ordinary paper, and magically brought to life in order to fight their enemies. They are easily shredded into paper scraps if they are hit or cut.


The Turtles first encountered these creations in "Origami Tsunami", when they caught up to the paper thieves. The Foot Lieutenant began creating Origami Ninja and sending them against the Turtles. However, the Turtles managed to defeat the Origami Ninja (as well as a a much larger variant), and activate the sprinklers to get the stolen paper wet, so that no more could be created.




  • The standard Origami Ninja come in two variations: the first type is slender and bluish-black in color, and the second type is bulkier and maroon in color.
  • It is possible that only the Foot Lieutenant has the ability to create Origami Ninja.
    • The Foot Brute was briefly seen attempting to do so, but he only managed to make an ordinary paper swan.
  • Origami Ninja can be formed in different sizes, which vary depending on the the quantity or size of the paper used to create them.

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