Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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"Dude, give it up..."

Mikey (flashback) "...You're never gonna top my high score."

Raphael (fb) "Top nothin'. I'm gonna crush it, little bro."

Leonardo (fb) "That's pretty big talk, Raph, from a guy who's using cheat codes."

Donatello (fb) "Who're you kidding, Leo..."

"...You're just mad because you didn't think of that strategy to beat Mikey first."

Mikey "Heh."

Mikey "Oh..."


Mikey "...Wow."

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"Did you do this, my son?"

Splinter (fb) "This is quite impressive."

Mikey (fb) "Yep—all by myself! It means "father". To celebrate Father's Day!"

Splinter (fb) "Indeed. And it is certainly a wonderful gift, Michelangelo, though you should know..."

Splinter (fb) "...Every day I am your father is a celebration for me."

Mikey "Man..."

Mikey "...How did things get so messed up?"

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Nobody "Alopex?"

Nobody "Yo, Earth to Alopex!"

Alopex "Wha-huh?"

Nobody "Dang, girl, I've only been callin' your name forever. Don't know what planet you're on lately, but it sure ain't this one."

Alopex "Sorry, Angel... I've just been a little out of it lately."

Nobody "Just a little?"

Alopex "Okay, a lot."

Alopex "I don't know how to explain it but it feels like there's something stuck in the back of my mind... A lost memory that I can't seem to jar loose."

Alopex "And whenever I try, it's like..."

Alopex "...It's like I drift off and forget some more. I've never felt so unfocused."

Nobody "Hey, it's cool, girl—you're probably just worn out with all you got goin' on between helpin' Master Splinter and me."

Alopex "I guess. Maybe I just need to take a break from the action for a bit."


Nobody "Good idea... As soon as we're done tonight."


Nobody "They're here."

Page 4

Nobody "Okay, you remember the plan?"

Alopex "How could I forget?"

Alopex "I act like bait while you videotape it. Not too elaborate."

Nobody "Hey, Harold said he needs as much intel as we can get..."


Nobody "...And he thought this would be the easiest way to do it."

Alopex >Yeah?<

Alopex "Easy for whom?"

Alopex "Hey! Street Phantoms!"

Alopex "Remember me?!"

Turk "Yo, Maze, ain't that the mutant that slashed your cloak?*"

[* See TMNT #52 - B.C.]

Maze "Yeah, that's her, Turk."

Maze "C'mon..."

Maze "...We owe that mutt some payback!"

Page 5

Alopex "I hope you're recording, Angel..."


Alopex >...Because here we go!<

Nobody "Nice move..."

Nobody >...Now see if you can get in closer on their weapons.<


Alopex "Yeah, sure..."

Maze "Hnf!"

Alopex "...No problem."

Turk "Oh, you got problems all right, mutt."



Page 6

Nobody "Alopex! I'm coming!"

Alopex >No! Keep recording, Angel...<

Alopex "...That hurt my pride more than anything."

Nobody >You sure?<

Alopex "Trust me."

Nobody "Okay—but let's get this over with."

Nobody "I'm not about to let whatever's distractin' you get you killed."


Nobody "I just need to get Harold a shot of the cloaks phasin' out and then we're history."

Alopex >Understood.<

Alopex "Okay, you two—enough of the games. I'm taking you both down."

Maze "Hate to break it to ya—"

Alopex "Hiyah!"


Maze "—Can't take down what you can't touch."

Alopex "I was counting on it."

Page 7

Alopex "Nobody, did you get that?"

Nobody >Yep.<

Nobody "You ditch those idiots and go get yourself some serious shut-eye. You need it."

Alopex >But I thought we could hang out a little longer.<

Nobody "Stop bein' stubborn. Go home and catch some Z's, girl!"


Alopex >Okay, okay...<

Alopex "...Bossy much?"

Nobody >I heard that!<

Maze "Uh... Did we win?"

Page 8 & 9



April O'Neil "Wow, I've really been missing this—"

April "—All of us together at the same time."

April "It's nice."

Elizabeth O'Neil "Yes, it is."

Beth "Your dad and I just wish we could've afforded something a bit fancier, kiddo, but until we get the store up and running, low-budget celebrating's the best we got."

April "Mom, don't even worry about it. You know I love the food here."

April "Besides, now that I finally have my degree, party time's over. Time to get to work."

John O'Neil "Well, to be honest, hon, you've never been what I'd call a party girl..."


John "...But do you have anything lined up on the job front?"

April "I've been looking into a few promising leads, Dad. One thing's for sure..."

April "...I plan to capitalize big-time on my intern experience."

Beth "What about you, Casey? Any plans for going back to school?"

Casey Jones "Not really, Mrs. O'Neil..."

Casey "...I just plan on concentratin' on the store stuff for a while."

John "You know, Casey, we're more than happy to give you whatever time you need away from the store to further your education."

April "He knows that, Dad."

April "...I already told him you guys would want him to make school his priority."

Casey "And I told you I got other more important priorities right now."

John "Sooo..."

Beth "...Who's ready to order?"

Page 10

Alopex "Where should I put this?"

Kitsune "Ah, Alopex—how pleasant to see you again."

Alopex "If you say so."

Alopex "Just tell me where you want this so I can get to bed. It's been a long night."

Kitsune "Indeed."

Kitsune "On this table will be fine. Thank you."

Alopex "Here you go."

Alopex "The Elite Ninja will be by in the morning to pick it up..."

Alopex "...I plan on sleeping in."

Kitsune "But wouldn't you like some conversation before you take your rest?"

Alopex "Not really, no."

Kitsune "Please..."

Kitsune "...I insist."

Page 11

Kitsune "There."

Kitsune "Much better."

Alopex "I..."

Alopex "Wait! What..."

Alopex "...What are you doing to me?"

Kitsune "You possess the will—the strength—to resist."

Alopex "Are you trying to get in my head, witch?!"

Kitsune "How absolutely impressive."

Kitsune "Just like a true fox!"

Alopex "Hnnf!"

Page 12 & 13

[And that is what you are, child—a fox.]

[Being pursued.]

[Being hunted.]

[The bears that hunt you come in many forms.]

[In the guise of camaraderie, the beasts lay their snares.]

[Kindness and compassion is their bait.]

[If you are a foolish fox, you will be swayed by the ruse.]

[But if you are wise... If you are sly...]

[...You will defeat the bears at their own game. All of them.]

[You will destroy them before they can destroy you.]

[It is a truth you must never forget—nor ever deny.]

[To do otherwise is to court danger...]


[...And death.]

Kitsune "Do you understand, child?"

Alopex "Y-Yes. If I want to survive, I... I must be sly."

Kitsune "Indeed."

Kitsune "And soon, together, we will put our cunning into action, child."

Kitsune "One bear watches as another slumbers."

Kitsune "We must thwart the watcher..."

Kitsune "...If we are to awaken the sleeper."

Kitsune "Now, go. Seek out your bed chambers, rest your weary head..."

[...And remember this visit only as a dream.]

Alopex "So... Tired."

Page 14

April "Well, you sure were in rare form, tonight."

Casey "Whaddya mean?"

April "Seriously? Do I have to spell it out for you, Casey?"

April "You were a total jerk at the restaurant tonight."

Casey "No, I wasn't."

April "Yes. You were."

April "You barely said two words to anyone the entire time we were there, and the few you did say were rude and pouty."

April "You made it pretty darn awkward for everyone."

Casey "Whatever."

Page 15

April "Oh, stuff your "whatever." I'm not letting you off that easy."

April "Tonight's not the first time you've been like this—you've been acting strange ever since we got back to New York.*"

[*See TMNT: Casey & April - B.C.]

April "You're angry and defensive and... And distant all the time now."

April "What's going on, Casey? Please, whatever it is, let me help."

Casey "I don't need help, April. I got this."

April "Don't be stubborn, Case. Everyone needs help someti—"

Casey "What the?!"

Casey "Oh, hell no."

April "What in the world...?"

Page 16

Casey "Yo! You gonna pick that up?"

Man "You talkin' to me?"

Casey "Yeah, I'm talkin' to you. Pick that up. Now."

Man "You serious, little man?"

Casey "As a heart attack."

Man "What're you—some kinda trash cop?"

Casey "Guess so."


Man "Gahh!"

Casey "Now, before I get really rough."

Man "Yeah... Yeah, man. It's cool..."

April "Casey!"

April "Stop! Get off him!"

Casey "April? What the hell?!"

April "That's what I'm wondering!"

Man "Man, how'd I end up on friggin' crazy street tonight?"

Page 17

Casey "Why'd you butt in like that? I had the situation under control."

April "Control?! You were shoving that poor guy's face into the asphalt!"

Casey "You mean into the garbage he threw on my street, don't ya?"

April "Your street?!"

April "In case you've forgotten, this is the street where my parents' store is—the store where they've been nice enough to give you a job and a place to live."

April "If it's anybody's street, it's theirs, but you don't see them out here beating up litterbugs."

Casey " 'Cause that's my job—the one they hired me for. Security."

April "Casey, do you really think this is how they want you to do it?"

April "Come on—you know better than that."

Casey "Whatever. I'm just doin' my part to keep everyone safe in this war."

Casey "Ain't no different than you havin' your face buried in that stupid ninja scroll all the time."

April "Maybe..."

April "...Except I'm doing my fighting with my brain, not my fists."

Casey "So what, miss college degree?"

Casey "You sayin' I'm dumb or somethin'?"

Page 18

April "No... No, Casey, that's not what I meant. I'm sorry, I—"

Casey "Nah, you don't gotta apologize, April. I know you think I'm only good for brainless stuff."

Casey "But that's okay, 'cause I know what I'm doin's important, even if I'm usin' my fists to do it."

Casey "I ain't about to let the people I care about get hurt. Don't matter if most of 'em think I'm just some ignorant hick."

April "Okay, nobody ever said you're an ignorant hick—not me, not my parents... Nobody."

April "And we all know how hard you work to keep us safe—just like we worry about you being safe, too..."

April "...Me, most of all."

April "It just seems like, whatever good intentions you may have, the more you beat other people up, the more you're beating yourself up."

Casey "Yer wrong—this ain't about me beatin' myself up, April."

Casey "It's about doin' what I gotta do to make sure what the Rat King said 'bout me gettin' weak and lettin' others get hurt don't come true."

April "Casey, the Rat King's a trickster. A liar. Whatever he told you, it was only to play with your mind, nothing more."

April "Once I get that scroll deciphered, I'll be able to take him down a notch or two..."

Page 19

April "...You'll see."

Casey "Then I guess you don't need my help, huh?"


Casey "Who needs dumb muscle when you got all them brains to save the day, right?"

April "I didn't say that."

Casey "You didn't have to."

April "Casey, all I'm saying is I can't stand by quietly and watch all the violence that surrounds you get out of control. I know you're a fighter—I get that... And sometimes it's an admirable quality."

April "But other times it's so aggressive and frightening and, I'm sorry, but I just don't want any part of it."

Casey "Well, guess what—you won't have to anymore."

Casey "This is who I am, April, and if it ain't good enough for you, then I guess maybe it's time to admit this thing we got goin' ain't gonna work."

April "Maybe you're right."

April "Maybe we do need a break."

Casey "Yeah? Well... Fine."

Casey " 'Least we finally agree on somethin'."

Page 20

Harold Lillja >Do you even know what you're doing?<

Harold >Have you seriously thought this through, Honeycutt?<

Zayton Honeycutt "Quite seriously, Harold... And at length."

Honeycutt "And to answer your first question, yes, I know what I'm doing."

Honeycutt "Scientifically, technically... Even morally... I'm well aware of what's at stake here."

Harold >And your new mutant friend and his little "conundrum"?<

Honeycutt "Yes--admittedly, that is the proverbial monkey wrench in the works at the moment. I'm not quite certain how to approach that situation."

Honeycutt "Obviously, we owe him a debt that must be repaid. I just hope Donatello and the others will see why we made such a binding pact when they arrive on the island."

Harold >Well, I can't speak for the others, but I'm sure Donatello will understand we did it to save his skin.<

Honeycutt >Will you be coming with the turtles when they visit? You're more than welcome, Harold.<

Harold "Meh. Thanks, but no thanks."

Harold "I've got a few conundrums of my own here to deal with at the moment—"

Page 21

"—I'll leave that blasted mess for you to handle."

Mikey "There..."

Mikey "...Not too shabby."

Mikey "But, man, I'm starvin'."

Raph "Well, then, you're in luck, kid..."

Raph "...'Cause we stopped by Rupert's on the way over."

Donnie "Woody says hi."

Mikey "Guys!"

Leo "Hey, little bro."

Mikey "Wait—why are you here?"

Page 22

Donnie "Came to see if you wanted to join us on a trip to Burnow Island."

Donnie "The Fugitoid's got something important he wants to show us."

Leo "And we thought it'd be great to have you along, Mikey."

Raph "Just like old times."

Mikey "But... What about Father. And the Foot?"

Donnie "This has nothing to do with them..."

Donnie "...It'll be just the four of us. No Foot Clan."

Raph "I mean, it ain't like we don't respect you wantin' to be alone and all, but things havne't been the same without you, kid."

Leo "Raph and Donnie are right, Mike."

Leo "This is the perfect chance for us to be a team again."

Leo "A family. Just like—"

Raph "Yeah, yeah—just like old times. I already said that, Leo."

Raph "Now, c'mon, before this baby gets cold..."

Raph "...Dig in!"

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