Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Alopex "Ki-yahh!"






Leonardo "Hnnt!"

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Leo "And now you."

Leo "Partner up, spread out, and each of you choose a different fighting style—tae kwon do, aikido, jujitsu, karate... Doesn't matter as long as your style doesn't match your opponent's."

Alopex "And if your opponent changes form, you change, too. In true battle, inflexibility and predictability will only get you killed so do everything you can to stay one step ahead."

Leo "And never forget what Master Splinter has taught us—control and discipline are the key elements to victory."

Leo "No matter the odds against you, always strive to use them to turn disadvantages into advantages, imbalance..."

"...Into balance."

Alopex "So, here we are again—training junior Foot Ninja. Did you ever think you'd find yourself back?"

'Leo "No—especially not like this. One way or another, I figured the Gauntlet would be the end of my family's involvement with the Foot—"

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Leo "—Man, was I wrong."

Alopex "You weren't the only one, Leo."

Alopex "But if the Foot Clan isn't going away, I'm glad your father's the one in charge at least."

Alopex "How is Master Splinter, anyway?"

Leo "He's... Truthfully, I'm not sure how he is."

Leo "I mean, he's dead serious about turning things around as far as the Foot are concerned, but the whole thing with Mikey taking off has shaken him up pretty badly—even if he is trying to hide it."

Leo "I don't know, Alopex...maybe Father's control and discipline won't be enough to get us through this one."

Alopex "Hey—those things have done a pretty good job so far, right?"

Alopex "It's been tough sometimes, true, but we're all better for what Master Splinter has taught us..."

Alopex "...Even Mikey."

Leo "Yeah. You're right."

Leo "And I hope you know I really am glad to have you helping me out."

Alopex "Well, someone's gotta help you whip these newbies into shape the proper way."

Alopex "Though, to be perfectly honest, as fun as this is..."

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"...I do miss hanging out with Angel."

Casey Jones "That all you got, wimps?"

Casey "Well, hate to tell you, but I got plenty more."

Angel Bridge "Casey?"

Angel "What..."


Angel "...Now?"

Casey "Plenty more!"


Punk A "Grff!"

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Punk B "Damn hockey freak!"


Casey "Whoa! Guess you ain't done yet."

Angel "Jones..."

Angel "...What the hell're you doin'?"

Casey "Oh, hey, Angel."


Casey "I ain't doin' much."

Punk C "Grah!"


Casey "Just a little community service is all."

Casey "No biggie."

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Angel "So, what—these guys tryin' to break into the store or somethin'?"

Casey "Nah. Just caught 'em lurkin' around where they don't belong."

Angel "Which is where, exactly?"

Casey "My 'hood, of course."

Angel "Ohhh... Your 'hood. I get it. The 'hood that belongs to you."

Angel "Yeah, that don't sound too pompous at all."

Casey " "Pompous?" "

Casey "Man, you hang around that geek Harold for five minutes and yer already soundin' like an egghead."

Angel "Whatever."

Casey "Speakin' of super-nerd, why ain't you wearin' his little jumpsuit tonight?"

Angel "Left it over at the lab—Harold wanted to do some upgrades on it. 'Sides, thought it might be nice to take a night off from patrollin' and catch up with you and April..."

Angel "...Things got pretty crazy 'round here while you guys were gone."

Casey "Not just here.*"

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Angel "Why? What happened to you guys?"

Casey "Nothin'."

Casey "Anyway, April's over at the store with her parents right now."

Casey "I'm sure she'd dig seein' you."

Angel "Ain't you comin'?"

Casey "Nah. Can't. I still gotta do some rounds tonight."

Angel "What for? Seems pretty quiet right now."

Angel "You sure you ain't just lookin' for trouble, Jones?"

Casey "Yeah, maybe I am."

Casey "Or maybe I'm just lookin' to stomp it before it has a chance to start."

Angel "What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

Casey "Means I learned an important lesson when I was on the road."

Casey "Soon as you let the bad guys think you ain't watchin' 'em—soon as you let 'em believe even for a second yer gettin' weak—you and everyone you care about..."

Casey "...Is toast."

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"<...The rat who would be jonin...>"


Kitsune (flashback) "<...To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit from our new master?>"

Splinter (fb) "<I would speak with you for a moment, Kitsune, if you are so inclined.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<Of course, Hamato Yoshi.>"

Page 10

Splinter (fb) "<Please remain outside. I will not be long.>"

Foot Elite (fb) "Hai!"

Kitsune (fb) "<Tea?>"

Splinter (fb) "<Thank you. No.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<So, I ask again, what can I do for you, Master?>"

Splinter (fb) "<I seek answers, Kitsune.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<Answers?>"

Splinter(fb) "<Yes.>"

Splinter (fb) "<I have received information that you—and others of your kind—are covertly plotting nefarious schemes against this world.>"

Splinter (fb) "<I would know exactly what those schemes are, as well as the identities of those scheming them.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<Surely you cannot believe I am involved.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<After all, you've had me imprisoned here ever since your ascension to Saki's throne.>"

Splinter (fb) "<Cease your sly dramatics, witch. We both know you only play at being a victim and I have little patience for games today.>"

Page 11

Kitsune (fb) "<Indeed.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<So very different from your predecessor... And yet so very much the same.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<This information you received—I suppose it came from our young Miss O'Neil, hm? She, too, paid me an unexpected visit earlier.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<It seems on her recent journey, she and her gentleman friend made acquaintances with what you deemed "others of my kind." >"

Kitsune (fb) "<My siblings, to be precise.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<But you need not concern yourself with them, Yoshi. My family is an ageless and ancient lot and, as such, we are always seeking new forms of amusement in this old world.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<I'm certain my brother and sister were simply entertaining themselves by playing a game with our young friends, nothing more.>"

Splinter (fb) "<And I have already told you I have no patience for such things, Kitsune. Nor do I have any faith in the words you speak.>"

Splinter (fb) "<Know this—I will not allow lies and trickery to destroy this new opportunity to honorable rebuild the Foot Clan.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<Why, you act as if I do not share your wish for the glorious restoration of our clan, Yoshi.>"

Kitsune (fb) "<In truth, you sling your threats at the wrong target—I am not an enemy to your cause. But rest assured...>"

Page 12

"...Real dangers lurk everywhere."


Splinter "You would dare ambush your master, girl?"

Foot Assassin "You're not a master. You're just a frail rodent masquerading as one and I won't stand idly by while you infest the Foot Clan with your weakness."

Splinter "Then it appears you are alone in your coup."

Jammer "No, rat..."

Jammer "...She ain't."

Page 13

Splinter "Hiyah!"

Splinter "How—?"

Jammer "It's easy..."

Jammer "...When you got the right toys."


Splinter "Unf!"


Foot Elite "Master Splinter, what—"

Splinter "Elite! Stop the assassins!"

Page 14

Foot Assassin "Jammer, handle the elite!"

Foot Assassin "I'll kill the rat."

Splinter "We shall see."

Maze "You gonna let her order you around like that, Jammer?"

Jammer "Eh, who cares as long as we're havin' fun, Maze?"

Foot Elite "Hnh?"

Maze "But what's up with all the assassin talk?"

Jammer "Dunno. Guess we better show 'em—we ain't assassins..."

Jammer "...We're Street Phantoms."

Foot Elite "Yaaghh!"

Page 15

Alopex "What the—"

Leo "Father?"

Alopex "It came from his chambers!"

Leo "C'mon! We—"

Jammer "Nuh-uh, greenie..."

Jammer "...Your boss needs a little privacy at the moment."

Maze "Yeah. Do not disturb."

Leo "Out of our way!"

Jammer "Sure."

Jammer "No problem."


Jammer "But you still ain't goin' in there."

Leo "Gahh!"


Alopex "Nnf!"

Page 16 & 17

Foot Assassin "You die today!"

Splinter "Do I?"

Splinter "And why is that, child?"

Foot Assassin "Your cowardice brings shame to the Foot Clan."


Foot Assassin "We are ninja."

Foot Assassin "Ruthless and remorseless."

Foot Assassin "We do not deal in mercy."

Foot Assassin "We deal in death!"


Splinter "Indeed."

Foot Assassin "Gyah!"

Splinter "You forget, however..."


Splinter "...It is only through a death dealt that I stand here today as your master."

Foot Assassin "You are not... My master."

Splinter "Ah, but by ancient rites, I am."

Splinter "Your sworn master."

Splinter "And though you mistakenly believed otherwise, as a ninja warrior..."

Splinter "...Your superior."

"We've got to get to Master Splinter before it's too late!"

Page 18

Leo "No telling what he's up against in there!"

Alopex "Yeah—but what about out here?"

Alopex "I still can't figure out what we're up against!"


Jammer "No, little fox? Well, I'll tell ya."


Jammer "You're up against the new power in town, that's what."

Maze "Yeah. You Foot freaks had your day."

Jammer "But the Phantoms rule now."

Leo "Okay... Erf... This isn't working."

Alopex "No... Not while they have those cloaks."

Leo "We've gotta change things up."

Alopex "Turn a disadvantage into an advantage?"

Leo "Exactly."

Page 19

"...Follow my lead."

Leo "All right, enough. Let's settle this like men. Hand-to-hand."

Maze "Like men? Heh."

Jammer "Sure..."

Jammer "...Your funeral."

Leo "Now, Alopex!"

Alopex "Hyah!"


Jammer "Wha?!"


Alopex "Who rules now?"

Street Phantom "Oh, man—Jammer and maze are down!"

Street Phantom "Let's get the hell outta here!"

Foot Ninja "Get them!"

Leo "No, let them go. We need to protect the master."

Splinter "I am fine, Leonardo."

Page 20

Splinter "I was simply caught up in a misunderstanding with this confused child."

Splinter "What is your name?"

Jennika (Foot Assassin) "I am... Jennika."

Splinter "Explain yourself, girl."

Jennika "I... Ever since Master Shredder was killed, I have watched you weaken the Clan with your compassion and your sympathy... For our enemies."

Jennika "Those who should be dead, we have allowed to live. When we strike, it is never with full force... Never with any real heart. Never with consequence."

Jennika "I am an assassin. What role do I have in a warrior clan so... Defanged?"

Splinter "Oh, foolish and impatient child."

Splinter "Your role is the same—only much more circumspect than under Shredder's reign."

Splinter "His use of violence to satisfy personal ambitions needlessly exposed the Clan... Something I will not allow."

Splinter "There are those who would usurp our authority and a time for deadly force will most certainly come. Until then, we must remain discreet in our actions."

Splinter "But when we have no other alternative, we will strike our enemies as a true ninja should. With heart..."

Splinter "...And deadly consequence."

Jennika "I... I was wrong about you, Master. I am sorry."

Splinter "And you are forgiven."

Splinter "Yet I believe a punishment is in order, Jennika. A demotion for your misdeeds."

Splinter "If you are to be one of my assassins, then you must prove to me—and to the Clan—that you deserve such an honor."

Splinter "I'm confident my chunin will be most eager to assist you."

"I'm not too sure about this..."

Page 21

Michelangelo "...I mean, comin' with you and all. No offense, Mondo."

Mondo Gecko "Yo, none taken, dude."

Mikey "It's just—I know it was the right thing to do not joinin' the Foot with my family and stuff, but hangin' out with Old Hob..."

Mikey "...I dunno. Seems kinda wrong, too."

Mondo "Look, man, I get that Hob can be an acquired taste sometimes, but he ain't the only one here."

Mondo "It's Mutanimals, remember? Not Mutanimal."

Mikey "Yeah—I know. It'll be good to see some familiar faces, I guess."

Mondo "No guessin' about it, dude..."

Mondo "...You'll see."

WeLCoM MiꞰy!


Mikey "Whoa."

Page 22

>Winter, this is command. Sitrep? Over.<

Alex Winter "This is Winter. The mutants have made contact with other subjects."

Winter "Orders? Over."

>Continue recon. Stand by for further orders. Over.<

Winter "Roger that..."

Winter "...Standing by."

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