Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Donatello "Yeah, they're definitely up to something in there."

Donnie "About twelve to fifteen individuals by my count..."

"...And looks like a bunch of them are armed, too."

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Raphael "Got news for ya, Don..."

Leonardo "No, Raph! Wait!"


Man A "Gnf!"

Man B "Who the—"


Man B "Hrk!"

Raph "...I don't need any of Harold's fancy-schmancy spy gadgets to figure that out."

Leo "Dammit, Raph!"

Leo "I told you to hold up."

Raph "Whatever. I was gettin' stiff crouchin' in the shadows like that. And bored."

Raph "Bored stuff. Heh."

Donnie >Well, while you were bumbling in half-cocked, you didn't let me finish what I was saying.<

Page 3

Donnie "There's something... Off about some of the bad guys inside."

Donnie "Whatever they're wearing, it's playing havoc with Harold's "fancy-schmancy spy gadgets," that's for sure."

Leo "Copy that, Donnie. Rally on us for the next step."

Raph "Why we wastin' time hidin' these punks, Leo?"

Leo "We're ninja, remember?"

Leo "Strike hard and fade away..."

Raph "Into the night—yeah, yeah, I know."

Raph "Thing is, I ain't ready to call it a night yet."

Leo "Neither am I."

Page 4

Leo "But we do it my way this time, so hold your horses."

Raph "Whatever."

Donnie "Guys, I'm here..."

Donnie "...What now?"

Leo "Now?"


Leo "Strike hard!"

Jammer "Who the—?"

Lupo "Waste 'em!"


Leo "Well, hel-lo!"

Jammer "What the hell, Lupo?! Thought your boys has this place secured."

Lupo "So did I."

Lupo "Keep shootin', ya mooks!"

Raph "Geez, nice welcomin' committee. And what's up with the dudes in the blankets?"

Donnie "Cloaks. And I'm pretty sure they were causing the electronic distortion before."

Leo "Worry about that later. We came here to make a statement, so let's make it."

Leo "Foot! Attack!"

Page 5

Leo "Take them! But remember—no killing!"

Raph "Hey, Don, guess what!"

Donnie "What?"

Raph "I ain't bored anymore!"

Donnie "Glad to hear you're entertained. Though something tells me..."

"...These goons sure aren't."

Maze "What do we do, Jammer?"

Jammer "We get out of here, Maze, that's what. The boss don't want us mixin' it up just yet."

Maze "But... What about Lupo?"

Jammer "What about him? If the idiot can't take care of his business..."

Jammer "...Then he's gettin' exactly what he deserves."


Page 6

Donnie "...Did you guys see that?"

Raph "Talk about fadin' away."

Donnie "Who the heck were those guys?"

Leo "I don't know..."


Leo "...But it's time to end this."


Lupo "Unff!"

Leo "You and I need to talk!"

Leo "Foot!"

Leo "Stand down!"

Page 7

Lupo "Foot Clan, huh? Thought you ninja freaks... Were history."

Leo "You thought wrong."

Leo "And you're done."

Lupo "Urff!"

Leo "Your crime operations stop here. Now. Tonight."

Leo "This is just a small contingent of what the Foot Clan can bring to bear against its enemies. Just imagine what an entire army of us will do if you disobey."

Lupo "Yeah? Well, you might wanna think real hard 'fore you start spoutin' all that big talk, unless you're lookin' to have the Street Phantoms make you choke on your words."

Donnie "Street Phantoms?"

Donnie "Are you talking about the ones in the cloaks?"

Lupo "I ain't talkin' 'bout nothin' no more, freak."

Foot Assassin "Then you will be made to talk, crimina—"

Leo "I said, stand down."

Leo "That's not how we do things anymore."

Leo "Listen up, scumbag, and listen good. Rumors that the Foot Clan has become weak are greatly exaggerated."

Leo "We are stronger than ever—watching and ready to strike at all times."

Leo "So spread the word far and wide..."

Page 8

"...This is our city."

Raph "Gotta hand it to you, Leo—that was some kinda statement."

Donnie "But what kind, exactly?"

Donnie "This whole Foot thing we're doing still feels weird to me."

Leo "Weird or not, we did what Father sent us here to do. It's time to go."

Donnie "Yeah... About that."

Donnie "I think I'm gonna head over to Harold's for a bit."

Donnie "The tech those Street Phantom guys were using in their cloaks looked strangely familiar and I wanna talk to him about it, see what he thinks."

Raph "And I got some stuff of my own to do, too."

Leo "Fine. I'll let Sensei know—just don't take too long, all right?"

Raph "Why? Ain't like you're gonna be lonely or nothin'..."

Leo "...Mr. Chunin."

Leo "Foot! Move out!"

Leo "The master is waiting for us."

Page 9


[In two lifetimes, it has yet to become any easier.]

[Waiting for answers.]

[For resolution.]

[For peace.]

[I had hoped the destruction of my ancient enemy would at long last allow for these things to enter my life.]

[Instead, his death has only brought more confusion, more chaos.]

[Once Oroku Saki had fallen, I was raised to Master of the Foot Clan.]

[There was a time when having such a title bestowed upon me would have been the ultimate honor.]

[Now, however, it is simply one more burden I am honor-bound to bear.]

[For the safety of my beloved family.]

[And for the sanctity of the great city we call home.]

Page 10

[An unexpected ascension that has created new allies.]

[Loosed dangerous enemies whose loyalties died with the Shredder.]

[And has driven away the one bright light that shone unceasingly through so much darkness.]

[All these things... And I fear only more hardships loom.]

[But as Master of the Foot Clan—as jonin—it is my duty to see my loyal ninja through whatever storms await us.]

[Soon enough, we will learn if I have made the right decision.]

[For my family. For this city.]

[Soon enough, yes, and yet it never gets easier...]

Page 11

[...The waiting.]


Mugger "I tol' you, ol' woman..."

Mugger "...Give me that... Nrg... Freakin' purse now!"

Woman "And I said... Unf... No!"

Michelangelo "You heard the lady, jerkwad!"



Mugger "Gahh!"

Page 12

Mikey "Leave the purse alone."

Woman "Good Lord Almighty..."

Mugger "What... Is... That?"

Woman "Run!"

Mikey "No! Wait! I'm not—"


Mikey "—A monster."

Raph "Cripes, little bro..."

Page 13

Raph "...You tryin' to scare the bad guys to death, or what?"

Mikey "Not funny, Raph."

Raph "Yeah. Bad joke. Sorry."

Mikey " 'Sides, he'll live."

Mikey "What are you doin' here, Raph?"

Raph "Came to bring you home, kid. This whole bein' on your own in the big city thing?"

Raph "Yeah, I been there, done that, and the one thing I remember more than anything else is..."

Raph "...It totally freakin' sucks."

Page 14

Mikey "Nah, it's not so bad. I been doin' okay by myself."

Mikey " 'Sides, as long as Father's in charge of the Foot, I..."

Mikey "...I just can't go back, that's all."

Mikey "See ya, Raph."

Raph "I could make you come back, you know."

Mikey "Yeah."

Mikey "You could try."

Raph "Forget it, Mike. Ain't no point in us fightin', too. There's enough of that goin' 'round already."

Raph "You be careful out here, okay? And remember—when you're ready, you always got a home with your family."

Page 15

Mondo Gecko "You know, that dude's not wrong. Just might not be the right home he's thinkin' of."

Mikey "Who—?"

Mondo "Or the right family."

>Agent Winter, this is command. What's your status? Over.<

Alex Winter "Winter here. I've got an active bead on three mutants. All look to be of the reptilian variety."

Winter "What are my orders, sir? Over."

>Remain discreet and continue reconnaissance ops. Until I tell you otherwise...<

Page 16

>...Do not engage the subjects.<

April O'Neil "I have some tea and food for you, Kitsune."

April "I hope you don't mind the intrusion."

Kitsune "Not in the least, Miss O'Neil."

Kitsune "...Please place the tray on the table near my bed. And thank you for this courtesy."

April "You're welcome. Though, I'm not so sure it's what I'd call a courtesy—"

April "—Considering you're under house arrest and all."

April "I mean, since Karai left for Japan for a while, somebody's gotta make sure you have food."

Kitsune "And today that somebody is you..."

Kitsune "...So, again, you have my sincerest gratitude."

April "Like I said, no problem."

Kitsune "And yet... I sense an aura of problems surrounding you, child, as if you are experiencing some kind of severe upheaval in your own life."

Kitsune "I am told you have only recently been away on an extended journey"

Kitsune "—Perhaps you experienced unexpected troubles during your travels?"

April "I... Uh... Yes."

April "Yes, as a matter of fact, I did."

Page 17

Kitsune "If you will excuse my prying, was it the young man you are so fond of who brought you these troubles?"

April "Casey? Yeah, sure—we had our moments. It was a long trip."

April "But, really, the biggest problems..."

April "...Came from your siblings."

Kitsune "My... Siblings?"

Kitsune "What are you saying, girl?"

April "Look—you may think you have everyone fooled with your mind games, but I know all about the little world-conquering contest you and your freaky family are playing."

April "And I fully intend to make sure none of you come out on top."

Kitsune "And I am sure I do not know what you mean, child."

April "Please—don't insult my intelligence, Kitsune. This really wasn't a courtesy call. I know you're only allowing yourself to be under house arrest—just another move in the game, right?"

April "Well, guess what—I'm playing now, too."

Kitsune (telepathy) "It appears the game has changed, my pet."

Kitsune (t) "Things will have to accelerate."

Page 18

Leo "Oh, hey, April. You heading out?"

April "Yeah. Gonna go spend some time with my parents at the store and then catch some shut-eye. It's been a long month."

Leo "Tell me about it."

Leo "Please say hi to your family and Casey for me."

April "Will do. Later, Leo!"

Splinter "My son..."

Splinter "...How did you and your brothers fare tonight?"

Leo "I guess as good as can be expected, Master."

Leo "Nobody got killed and we delivered the message you asked us to."

Leo "But there was one surprise."

Splinter "Surprise?"

Leo "Yeah. Looks like there's a new tech-heavy gang in town calling themselves the Street Phantoms."

Leo "Caught us off-guard, that's for sure."

Leo "We didn't get much of a chance to see them, but the wise guys we went after seemed way more afraid of them than us."

Leo "Word is spreading around that the Foot is no longer a force in the city a lot faster than we realized."

Splinter "Indeed."

Splinter "Then we must continue to combat these rumors at every opportunity."

Splinter "Should a power vacuum be allowed to open, chaos will engulf this city as factions battle for control. This sudden appearance of these Street Phantoms is clear evidence of that."

Splinter "No. The Foot Clan must continue to dominate."

Leo "If... If you say so, Master."

Splinter "I know this edict troubles you, my son. And I wish it was not necessary. But this is the destiny we have been dealt, and it is our sworn duty to see it through."

Splinter "Better that we rule and ultimately save lives, than to allow a villainous force to hold sway over the city."

Leo "I know, Father. It's just... When you say it like that, it all sounds so easy, when, really..."

Page 19

"...It's all so crazy complicated."

Donnie "Metalhead Mark Two..."

Donnie "Very nice."

Harold Lillja "More like Metalhead Mark-It-Off-The-List-Of-Things-You-Can-Touch."

Harold "You have a bad habit of breaking these things, even when you were one of them."

Donnie "Yeah, well, sometimes a disembodied ninja's gotta do what a disembodied ninja's gotta do, you know?"

Harold "No..."

Harold "...I don't know."

Harold "And speaking of ninjas, weren't you supposed to be out jumping around and slicing things with your brothers tonight, Donatello?"

Donnie "Done and done. And I think you'll be very interested in something we saw while we were doing it."

Harold "And I think you'll be sorely disappointed in my utter lack of interest."

Harold "But I'm sure you'll tell me anyway, right?"

Donnie "Right."

Donnie "We ran into some bad guys calling themselves the Street Phantoms, who were wearing some kind of tech-driven cloaks. They seemed to operate in a fashion very similar to your cloaking devices."

Harold "Did you say... Cloaks?"

Donnie "Yeah. Literally cloaking cloaks."

Page 20

Donnie "There was more, though. Besides the fact that they played havoc with the infrared, those Phantom guys were able to escape by phasing through the floor."

Donnie "I mean, they actually became intangible before our eyes and sank into the ground."

Harold "I'll be a..."

Donnie "What's wrong? Have you come across that kind of tech before, Harold?"

Harold "Come across it?"

Harold "I damned well helped invent it."

Harold "That blasted woman, I ought to—"

Donnie "Harold, what the heck are you mumbling about?"

Harold "The phasing cloaks! It was the last thing I was working on with my former partner before we had our falling out. It was supposed to be our shared masterpiece, but instead it became my downfall after that ingrate stabbed me in the back!"

Harold "We had a real breakthrough—top of the line like nothing else at the time—and we were going to make millions. Billions!"

Harold "But that damned greedy fool couldn't wait. She stole the cloak designs and proceeded to destroy my reputation while she shopped them to the biggest bidder."

Harold "She got filthy rich and she nearly ruined me!"

Donnie " "She?" Your ex-partner was... A woman?"

Harold "Yes, that's usually what that particular pronoun indicates, Donatello."

Harold "Do you have a problem with that?"

Donnie "No—not at all. It's just, you're so... Um... So... Never mind."

Harold "Meh."

Harold "All I can say is, if these Street Phantoms are traipsing around town wearing those things, you and your ninja brood better get good and worried, because they aren't cheap... Not by a long shot."

Harold "Whoever their boss is..."

Page 21

"...I guarantee you there's some serious money and serious power involved."


Jammer "Yo, boss, we're back."

Darius Dun "Honestly, Mr. Jammer, how many times must I tell you to use the door when you come to my office?"

Jammer "Sorry, Mr. Dun. Just wantin' to make sure we're gettin' the most outta your cloaks. I mean, I know they cost you a pretty penny and all."

Darius "Yes, they did. And, how, pray tell, did they serve you at the meeting with our Italian friends, tonight?"

Jammer "The cloaks worked fine, boss, but we did run into some of those Foot freaks."

Jammer "They came in all hot to take down Lupo and his boys, so me and the gang minded our own business like you ordered and got the hell outta there when the bullets started flyin'."

Darius "The Foot, you say?"

Jammer "Yeah—them ninja loonies, and they weren't messin' 'round. Looks like they're still lookin' to be a major player in the city."

Same Foot Assassin "Wrong. The Foot Clan has never been weaker..."

Darius "Who—?!"

Page 22

Foot Assassin "...And this must be remedied."

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