Operation: Break Out
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) episode
Operation Break Out title.png
Season Code: 124
Episode: 24
Original airdate July 27, 2013
Written by Jase Ricci
Supervising Producer Ant Ward
Producers: MacGregor Middleton
Joshua Sternin
J.R. Ventimilia
Peter Hastings
Ciro Nieli
Directed by Michael Chang
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1
September 29, 2012 - August 8, 2013
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"Operation: Break Out" is the twenty-fourth episode of the 2012 TV series. It first aired on July 27th, 2013.


Donatello breaks into a secret Kraang detention center in order to rescue Kirby O'Neil. But when he discovers they are trapped inside with a deadly alien prisoner, he realizes that breaking in was the easy part.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


In the lair, Donatello and Raphael are doing some sparring, while April, Leonardo, and Michelangelo watch. Raph says that he happens to be in a good mood today and promises that he'll go easy on Donnie, but Donnie says that he shouldn't do him any favors - He mainly hopes to impress April by saying this....After the duel officially begins, Donnie is able to rapidly strike Raph in the knees with his staff, thus pinning him down. Just when the spar seems to have ended and when Donnie is distracted, Raph manages to tackle him from behind and then uses his sai to manipulate Donnie's hand and make him act as if he is a puppet, much to Mikey's enjoyment. Splinter then tells Raph to stop (which Raph complies to), but he then sits right on Donnie's stomach, leaving Raph the clear victor.

Donnie comes up to Raph, and tells him that he is quite embarrassed of his defeat since April was watching...However, this once again gives away his feelings for April, and Raph bluntly refuses to help to impress her in any way. Meanwhile, April receives a mysterious message on her computer, containing a bunch of muffled noises. While the other Turtles are curious, April also greatly ponders over who would send her a completely encrypted message. When the other Turtles soon doze off on the floor, Donnie is able to successfully decrypt and translate the words of the message, revealing that it's from April's father, who says that he has recently been transported to a hidden Kraang facility, and that he will need immediate assistance. With the other Turtles fast asleep, Donnie vows to save Kirby in order to impress April -- and to try and prove Raph's theory wrong. He quickly maps the lab's location on his T-Phone and sneaks out of the lair....

The other Turtles awaken after a while and realize that Donnie is gone. Mikey then informs Leo that he just had a dream about himself and Donnie both being rodeo detectives, but Leo is completely careless. Mikey then walks past April's computer and says that he may indeed know where Donnie went. The three quickly deduce that Donnie must have decrypted the strange message and followed it somewhere. Raph manages to replay the message and find out who it's from and where it's coming from, but April overhears everything and begins to worry. The three Turtles then set out to The Kraang lab on foot as well.

Afterward, Splinter brings April into the Dojo and attempts to distract her mind from worrying a great deal about her making her listen to pristine silence and the oppressive stillness of the air. He then asks her to try and listen to his rapid movements. At first, this does not work for her. Mysteriously, however, April begins to hear something else down in a nearby sewer tunnel.

Donnie soon finds the hidden lab and picks the lock. As he enters, a Kraang is able to notify to the others that a Turtle has gained entrance, which summons even more Kraang droids...After several tiring squabbles between him and The Kraang, Donnie eventually manages to find Kirby locked up in an enclosed room within one of many hallways. Donnie is able to quickly pick the lock and he rescues Kirby, while, meanwhile, the Kraang are observing all of this through a hidden camera and acknowledge to one another that this is their plan. Unbeknownst to both The Kraang and Donnie, however, all of the doors were accidentally triggered to be opened when Donnie picked the lock, releasing a amphibious, monstrous, and fierce creature from one of the cells. As the creature walks through a hallway, some Kraang droids that happen to be nearby give a concise description of their foe; He is apparently one of their captives who wishes to take back both the armor and weaponry that are his. The creature then emerges from the shadows in a blink of an eye, dispatches all of the Kraang, devours one of them whole, and successfully reclaims his armor. When Donnie and Kirby start to make their escape, they also encounter the creature and Donnie nicknames it "the Newtralizer" after easily concluding that it is some type of anthropomorphic newt.

Meanwhile, April continues to pursue the sound that she had heard a little earlier, and she soon manages to follow it to a secluded room, which she enters. However, she quickly discovers that the strange noise was being made by an obscure device (a white orb) that the Kraang are apparently using to communicate. However, it is unknowingly activated by her and two Kraang soon show up to find it, but April is able to hide and The Kraang utterly fail to find the device.

The other three Turtles also manage to find both the lab and Donnie, yet are encountered by the Newtralizer as well, who rapidly starts shooting tons of projectile missiles at them with his extremely advanced artillery. A large fight ensues, and both the Kraang and the Newtralizer seem to switch their concentration and target the Turtles in this instance. The other Turtles eventually reunite with Donnie (who ends up locking himself inside a cell, but manages to jump the resistors in order to unlock it), and all of them decimate one of the Kraang armies together. They then face the Newtralizer, but he is much more durable than they had initially thought, and he is able to put up a very good fight against them. Donnie then uses Raph's sai to access a control panel, sending them up to the original level where they are to face the beast. After an intense battle, Mikey then desperately drives one of the many nearby cars on top of him, and the others soon congratulate him....However, unbeknownst to them all, the Newtralizer breaks free—It is revealed that he is completely unscathed!

April Hugs Donnie

Elsewhere, at the lair, April is still closely examining the bizarre communication device that she has just found. Splinter is also very interested in how April could hear something that he could not (being a Rat and all). April says that it could possibly be the reason that The Kraang are after her so often. She soon hears her own father's voice and looks up to see the Turtles entering the lair with him. April is very happy, and she proves that she is grateful by thanking the Turtles so much for saving her dad. Raph then makes Donnie look as if he is the hero so that the latter can impress April, in spite of what Raph said earlier in the episode. Donnie's ultimate reward is a hug from her, which actually causes him to fall over....

Meanwhile, at T.C.R.I., Shredder enters (along with a few Foot Ninja) and tells the Kraang that their feisty prisoner nearly interfered in the mysterious plan/objective. However, a Kraang then remarks that this certainly did not prevent Kirby from being taken (which was actually part of their plan and bargain to pinpoint the precise location of both the Turtles' lair and April all at once). With everything in order, Shredder then says that the prospect of vengeance will soon be in their grasp....

The episode then comes to an end at the Turtles' lair, where April and her dad are sharing a father/daughter moment. She says that it is good to finally have him back, which Kirby agrees. They then embrace a hug, but, unbeknownst to April, Kirby has an dramatically evil expression on his face....


  • A chip is barely visible on the back of Kirby's neck in this episode, which is a major plot point in the next episode.
  • In a few scenes, Spike is seen eating popcorn. In real life, it is not recommended to feed popcorn (or any grains) to pet tortoises, because they cannot digest it.
  • The Newtralizer is not credited with a voice actor in this episode, because he has no speaking parts whatsoever. He is not given a voice actor until the episode Newtralized!, which cast Danny Trejo as his voice actor.
  • This is the last 22-minute episode in season 1 of the 2012 series.


  • At the very beginning when Raph and Donnie were walking in circles with their weapons out, the bandages on Donnie's staff are gone. But when he starts twirling it, the bandages appear again.
  • In the end where Shredder was walking with his two Foot Soldiers, the Foot Soldier's eyes on the left had no light lit up.


Donatello: "What the heck was that?"
Raphael: "What? Just having fun. You know how much Mikey loves the Donnie puppet."
Donatello: "Dude! April was watching!"
Raphael: "Pretty sure she liked it...too. (he sees how upset Donnie looks) Wait, you still think you have a shot with her?"
Donatello: "Well, I..." (stammers)
Raphael: "Wow! That is so adorable and sad. It's 'sadorable.' Look, if you want to impress April, better leave me out of it."


Leonardo: "Why would Donnie try to rescue April's dad by himself?"
Raphael: "Eh, maybe because I told him he has no shot with April?"
Leonardo: "What?! Why would you say that?!"
Raphael: "Because he has no shot with April."
Leonardo: "Yeah, but you don't tell him that!"
Michelangelo: "The heart's a soft muscle man. A soft muscle. Squish."

Leonardo: "Anyone seen Donnie?"
Michelangelo: "Not since yesterday...  WAIT!  Do dreams count? 'Cause last night, I dreamed Donnie and I were rodeo detectives, and-"
Leonardo: "Can it, Mikey. I'm serious."
Michelangelo: "Okay. But you'll never find out who stole the Buckaroo Diamond!"
Raphael: "You done?"
Michelangelo: "Yeah... It was the clown!"

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