Old Hob's weasels

From left to right: Zanna, Mushroom and Zink.


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In the IDW continuity, Old Hob's weasels are a trio of mutants first appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue #102. They are:

  • Zink, a female grey weasel.
  • Zanna, a female white weasel.
  • Mushroom, a female brown weasel.

The characters were created by longtime TMNT contributor Sophie Campbell.


In a shady arrangement with Oroku Karai of the Foot Clan, Old Hob mutated the three weasels to be bartered to the Foot as new recruits in exchange for food, ammunition and winter gear for Hob's Mutanimals in Mutant Town. But as Hob and Karai's subordinate Koya argued over transit details, Diamond, a former Mutanimals enforcer who Sally Pride had just fired, covertly opened the weasels' crate to release them, but Diamond was herself attacked and bitten by them. The aggressive weasels escaped onto the streets of Mutant Town in search of food.

They later rampaged through Alopex's mutant shelter, devouring food and running away with more, though no one in the shelter was harmed. Jennika, Mona and Sally followed their trail, and found them playing with Lita, a homeless albino turtle girl. They quickly discerned that the weasels had the intellectual development of babies or small children, as seen when they greeted Hob as their father. Hob recaptured them to hand over to Koya, but was interrupted when Sally confronted and attacked him. Sally immediately denounced Hob and quit the Mutanimals, and she and the other women stood up to Hob to save the weasels, forcing Hob to abandon his plan and leave.

Now homeless, the weasels along with the already homeless Lita came into the care of the newly organized Splinter Clan, and were given a permanent home at the Turtles' new home, the Splinter Dōjō. The weasels and Lita together also began beginner's ninjutsu training as part of the dōjō's public courses.


  • Old Hob: The weasels' father. He betrayed his daughters, intending to barter them to Oroku Karai to become Foot Clan recruits in exchange for food, supplies, clothes and ammunition.
  • Mona Lisa: She was present when the weasels were rescued from Hob. She quickly became fond of them, becoming especially close to Mushroom.
  • Lita: She was adopted by the Splinter Clan at the same time as the three weasels, and all of them are being raised together at Splinter Dojo much like sisters.
  • Sally Pride: She effectively rescued the weasels from Hob.
  • Splinter Clan: The five Turtles and Alopex effectively adopted the weasels and are raising them together.



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