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In the IDW continuity, Old Hob's Warehouse is a building in New York City. It is part of a secret weapons stockpiling and black market arms dealing racket Hob set up with Hun since the events of Vengeance. During the events of Order from Chaos, the Mighty Mutanimals stole weapons from the city's criminal underworld, which Hob told his comrades would be destroyed so they could not be used by dangerous people against vulnerable mutants. In reality, Hob and his co-conspirators Herman the Hermit Crab and Man Ray sent all the weapons to this secret warehouse for Hun to manage. Hun's role was to provide a human face to make it easier to sell surplus weapons on the black market for profit.

The primary goal of this ruse was personal for Hob: In the miniseries Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals, Hob and Slash frequently clashed about the morality of Hob's questionable tactics, and Hob promised Slash he would conduct himself more heroically and ethically. In reality, Hob had no intention of keeping this promise, but he didn't want to lose Slash's trust. Beyond Hob's co-conspirators, none of the Mutanimals were to know, or it would be harder to prevent Slash from finding out.

In the Order from Chaos arc, Michelangelo was invited to join the Mutanimals, and participated in one of their weapons raids. But Mikey didn't buy the official reason for seizing these weapons, and secretly tailed Hob to the warehouse. At the same time, Mondo Gecko noticed Mikey sneaking out, and convinced the rest of the Mutanimals (except for Pete) to follow Mikey. When Slash found the stockpiled weapons and Hun, Old Hob revealed his actions and the entire group finally learnt the truth. Slash still cared for Hob, but Slash's trust had been violated, and he quit the Mutanimals along with Mikey. The rest of the group decided to stay with Hob and gave their reluctant consent to Hob's warehouse strategy, but their trust in him had been damaged.

Later, on Christmas day during the events of Urban Legends, both Hob and the wandering mutant Leatherhead disapprovingly discovered that Hun had set up a dogfighting ring inside Hob's warehouse. Hun's human guests started firing on both Hob and Leatherhead, and Hob used this opportunity to try to convince Leatherhead to join his Mutanimals. After Hob and Leatherhead defeated their human opponents, Hob fired Hun from his employment and Hun fled. But Leatherhead turned his attention to Hob, not only declining to join the Mutanimals but believing that they as mutants (Leatherhead himself included) were abominations who had no place in the world. Hob tried to warn Leatherhead that the warehouse was full of highly combustible weapons that could be set off by their fighting. After Leatherhead had Hob cornered, Hob desperately threw a grenade, which succeeded in immediately ending their battle and forcing both Hob and Leatherhead to flee the scene. But the Hob's weapons cache detonated, with the explosion completely destroying the warehouse.

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