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Mr. Ogg Goes to Town

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Mister Ogg is an extraterrestrial from Dimension Z that appears in the episode Mr. Ogg Goes to Town of the 1987 TMNT cartoon.  He possesses a mischievous and almost childlike demeanor along with the ability to create highly convincing illusions that seem to warp reality. As a result, he seems to be able to perform impossible feats such as turning the Technodrome into a giant pumpkin. He also has a fondness for eating ancient porcelain which Shredder and Krang used to manipulate him.[1]


During Krang and Shredder's attempt to obtain a secret formula from Dimension Z that could turn crude oil into liquid hydrogen, Mister Ogg came through the Dimensional Portal to Earth. He wreaked havoc throughout the Technodrome (turning it into a giant pumpkin, shrinking Rocksteady and Bebop, and eating Shredder's entire collection of ancient porcelain art) until Krang convinced him to trade the formula in exchange for where to find more ancient porcelain, adding that those on the surface (but especially the Turtles) had persecuted and exiled them to the center of the earth.  Emerging above ground to seek revenge for how his new "friends" had been mistreated, Ogg began to sow havoc throughout the city and briefly fought with the Turtles before they too discovered his fondness for eating porcelain and used it to lock him in an Egyptian sarcophagus. While trapped, Ogg began throwing a tantrum that caused the entire city to warp out of shape before Donatello arrived with the Turtle's own dimensional portal device, allowing Leonardo to lure Ogg back to Dimension Z with a load of imitation antique vases.  Meanwhile, Shredder along with Bebop and Rocksteady used Ogg's mischief as a distraction to steal a tanker full of oil, only to realize that they were tricked when Krang added the chemical Ogg gave them and the oil blew up in their face.

Later back at their lair, the turtles were celebrating their victory when Ogg suddenly reappeared in the screen of the dimensional portal and, furious at how he had been tricked, began lobbing the imitation vases at them.


  • Ogg's laugh, voice, and mannerisms were heavily inspired by comedian Paul Reubens' character "Pee Wee Herman" who at the time was the star of another popular children's show; "Pee Wee's Playhouse."
  • He also shares several similarities with the DC comics character Mister Mxyzptlk, being a diminutive extra-dimensional being with godlike power and a fondness for causing trouble and mayhem.


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