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In the Mirage continuity, Oceana is the wife of Lord Chiton, ruler of the kingdom of Atlantia. Oceana is not Chiton's first wife, as Chiton had previously been married to Lilith and had a daughter Lucrezia ("Lulu") with her. Oceana is nevertheless good friends with Lulu.

Oceana appears to be a minor character in Bad Moon Rising. She does not appear to be aware of the conspiracy that her husband entered into with Lord Incubor and Sloane to manipulate the fates of Lilith, Lucrezia and the Sisterhood. Furthermore, Chiton is having a secret extramarital affair with Sloane.


  • Oceana's name appears to be a feminine alteration of Oceanus, the Greek mythological divine personification of the world's oceans.
  • Oceana's species is never specified, but she appears visibly indistinguishable from human, unlike her husband.
  • Oceana is Chiton's wife, but it is never specified whether she is royalty. (More techically, Chiton is implied to be ruler of the kingdom of Atlantia, but is always referred to as lord rather than king, and so it is never specified whether he is royalty either.)



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