Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

O-Deed is a Mirage TMNT short story originally published on December 1989 in Shell Shock.

Pages: 6



Stomping out of some brush, a tortoise thinks to itself that it is a god; that the only thing that matters in the universe is its own desires. And what it desires is food.

Now a rock turtle, it sees a cricket in the middle of a road. The rock turtle considers how the world views it as a ferocious, terrifying creature. As the rock turtle approaches the cricket, though, a car comes screeching to a halt, just short of running it over.

Now a sea turtle, the creature is helpless as a human steps out of the car. The cricket implores the human ("Dave") to kill the sea turtle, but the human has a far worse fate in mind. Picking up the sea turtle, the human tells it the truth about itself; that it is just a very small thing in a very large world. The sea turtle shrinks as the human tells it that it’s greed and selfish acts of destruction have been destroying the world it is a part of. With the sea turtle now lodged between his thumb and forefinger, the human begins to squeeze...

With a scream, Michelangelo awakens in his bedroom, having just been roused from a terrible nightmare. Splinter enters the room and calms "Michael," telling him that as real as it felt, what he experienced was only a nightmare. As Michelangelo goes back to sleep and Splinter exits the room, the old rat sheds a tear, having apparently known the truth about his son’s distress.

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