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The O'Neil Farm is a location first appearing in issue #29: "Northampton, part 1" of the IDW continuity. Is is loosely based on the Jones Farm of the Mirage TMNT continuity and the O'Neil Farm of the 1990 film, and is the primary setting of the "Northampton" story arc. It originally mainly consisted of a farmhouse and a large, spacious barn some distance away, with a pond and a forest nearby. Later on, after Splinter died, a humble spot in the adjacent forest was selected as his grave site, and Leonardo set up a greenhouse near the barn.

The farm is owned by April O'Neil's parents John and Elizabeth, and is where they resided in the time after John's debilitating stroke. After the events of the City Fall, April drove the Turtles, Splinter and Casey Jones to the farm in order to hide from the Foot Clan and recuperate from both mental and physical injuries. During this time, the Turtles—except for Leonardo—mostly stayed in the barn, while April and Casey stayed in the house.

The farm was later invaded by Koya and Foot Assassins trying to kill Splinter and the Turtles, and the barn was wrecked. While the house was undamaged, the O'Neil family was forced to flee the farm for their own safety.

After the Shredder's death in issue #50: "Vengeance, part 6", the farm once again became a safe countryside retreat, available not only to the Turtles but to April's other friends, including Alopex and Angel Bridge who stayed at the farm during the story arc "Toad Baron's Ball". The four Turtles alone with Pepperoni also visited the farm in the Leonardo macro-series issue.

But after Splinter died in issue #100: "City at War, part 8", his family took him to be buried on the farm. Once there, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo began living on the farm full-time, with Raphael and Pepperoni returning to live in New York City's Mutant Town, and Jennika regularly covertly commuting between the farm and Mutant Town. It was after they started living here that Leo started maintaining his greenhouse.


  • All stories taking place at the O'Neil Farm have been written by Sophie Campbell, and most have also been illustrated by her except for "Toad Baron's Ball" which was illustrated by Pablo Tunica. The farm's appearance has been kept relatively consistent in Campbell's art, but took on a very different appearance in Tunica's art.

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