The Party Wagon approaching the O'Neil Farm.

The O'Neil Farm is located in North Hampton, Upstate New York.

It is loosely based on the same location in the 1990 film, which itself was based on the Jones Farm in the Mirage TMNT continuity.


The farm has been owned by April O'Neil's family for generations.

It first appears in "Within the Woods", as the Turtles flee from The Kraang invasion in New York City. Leonardo is kept inside a bathtub during his coma. Donatello fashions himself a lab in the barn, where Casey Jones is trying to fix the old truck. Michelangelo does lots of the chores in the house.

The farmhouse is trashed by the Punk Frogs' attack in "The Croaking".

In "Owari," Splinter is buried under the large tree near the farmhouse after he was killed by Super Shredder.


  • There's a Space Heroes 3 movie poster in the barn.
  • A picture of April's family can be seen above the fireplace, the same picture Kurtzman had on his journal.
  • A Kraang Stealth Ship is discovered in the basement in "Buried Secrets".
  • April, Casey, and the Turtles move into a previously uninhabited farm, and immediately appear to have live chickens, electricity, running water, and access to groceries without any explanation of how these things were acquired or paid for. The "In Dreams" establishes that April and Casey drive the Party Wagon to a tiny local store for grocery shopping, but it still does not explain how they can afford them. By comparison, the Mirage TMNT continuity was relatively more thorough in explaining how the Jones Farm installed its utilities off-the-grid and how April and Casey took jobs in Northampton to make enough income for the living expenses of themselves and five more secret inhabitants.


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