The nunchaku (or "nunchucks" as they are sometimes referred to on the show), is a weapon that consists of two sticks connected at their ends by a short chain or a length of rope. The word itself comes from nun (ヌン), meaning "twin" and shaku (尺), the approximate length of each arm of the nunchaku.

It is notable in the TMNT universe as being the main weapon of choice of Michelangelo in almost every series, although a few characters throughout the franchise have been seen wielding them as well.

Nunchaku were traditionally wielded as a defensive weapon, used to lock joints and disarm weapons. Popular culture has shown nunchaku as a striking flail, which is how the weapon is often portrayed in TMNT media. They began as an ancient farming tool used to thrash grain.



  • They are also called chainsticks, chuka sticks, or karate sticks.
  • Broadcasts of characters wielding nunchaku were censored on UK television during the 1990s, often causing Michelangelo to either go bare-fisted during fights or wield alternative weapons. Eventually, this led to him using a new grappling-hook like weapon called the Turtle Line later on in the 1987 series.

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