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In IDW continuity, Null Group owns and operates a rail yard in northern New Jersey. It is a facility of N Rail, which operates as part of Null Group's utilities division.

In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals miniseries, Null Mutagen Laboratory director Jillian Amante sent mutants Man Ray and Sally Pride off to the rail yard so that Null Group could ship them off and sell them to someone else. When Jillian kidnapped her ex-girlfriend Lindsey Baker and also happened to capture Pigeon Pete in the process, Jillian told Lindsey that Pete would be released, but in reality, Jillian duplicitously whispered to a Null Security guard to ship Pete off to the rail yard as well.

After the Mighty Mutanimals captured and interrogated a lab scientist and learnt of the fate of two mutants already sent to the rail yard, the Mutanimals launched a raid on the rail yard, where Madame Null and her security forces were already waiting for them. All the Mutanimals except Slash and Mondo Gecko were captured and loaded onto the trains to be shipped off along with Ray and Sally, but Slash and Mondo mounted their own heist on the moving train to free their comrades and the two mutants.

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