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In the IDW continuity, Null Group's mutagen project operates primarily out of one specific corporate laboratory in the New York City metropolitan area, managed by Null Group scientist Jillian Amante. It first came into existence when the Foot Clan outsourced its mutant research and development to Null Group; the laboratory's supply of mutagen was also originally supplied by the Foot. In addition to the laboratory's ventures with the Foot, it carried out mutant experimentation for Madame Null's own desired goal of eventually replacing Earth's entire human labor force and all its "weaknesses" with an entirely mutant labor force who would work without salary or human rights.

In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals miniseries, Jillian Amante kidnapped her ex-girlfriend Lindsey Baker off the street (also taking Pigeon Pete who just happened to be accompanying her), and brought her to the laboratory to offer her a job with Null Group. Old Hob had already implanted a tracking device in Pete, so his Mighty Mutanimals rescued Pete and raided the laboratory. When they reached the lab and overpowered the scientists, it was revealed that numerous mutants had been created at the lab, but all but three had been destroyed after being deemed failures. Mutagen Man was the only mutant still on the premises, while Man Ray and Sally Pride had already been sent to the Null Rail Yard to be shipped elsewhere and sold off. After the Mutanimals discovered and freed Mutagen Man, Hob ordered the lab destroyed and its scientists massacred, but neither could not be carried out as a massive Null Security team was already about to storm the facility. The Mutanimals and Mutagen Man could only make their escape, while Lindsey escaped separately with Jillian.

Later in the miniseries, Mutagen Man, who had since adopted the new name Seymour Gutz, rigged his body's exo-suit to overheat and explode and returned to the laboratory on foot with the intention of a suicide bombing that would destroy the lab and kill its scientists. Seymour then intentionally ruptured a massive tank of chemicals, causing the laboratory's security system to automatically detect it and lockdown the facility, preventing anyone from escaping, but Hob managed to enter the security door just before it closed, trapping himself with the rest. Jillian, who had the most expertise on Seymour's suit, didn't have the time needed to disarm him before the imminent explosion, so Lindsey took it upon herself to rip open his suit's paneling and tear out scalding hot wires (causing burns to her own hands) until the overheating stopped and the explosion prevented. Meanwhile, the other Mutanimals managed to bust their way into the seal lab, which also allowed the panicked scientists and security forces to escape through the same opening, though Jillian was prevented from escaping. With the lab secured and emptied, the Mutanimals left to mount a raid on Null Headquarters, but Hob instructed Lindsey to stay behind and cripple the lab. Lindsey convinced Jillian that she could leave Null Group and have a new start working with her and the Mutanimals, so Jillian handed over all the lab's records to Lindsey and deleted critical data from the lab's computers. With the job complete, Lindsey betrayed and incapacitated the already serially-duplicitous Jillian, abandoning her in the lab to be discovered by Null Security.

By the end of the miniseries, the laboratory was left crippled and unable to proceed on its projects without needing to restart from scratch. Though Null Group would continue to carry out mutation experiments, the future fate of this particular lab, as well as the fate of Jillian Amante herself, was left uncertain.