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In the IDW continuity, Null Headquarters is the Earth-based corporate headquarters of Madame Null's Null Group. A skyscraper sixty floors in height, it is located somewhere in the New York City metropolitan area, though the story never makes clear whether the facility is within the borders of the city or state of New York.

Several scenes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals miniseries take place in or around the building.

In one scene on the rooftop, in a scene with Madame Null, Lindsey Baker, Jillian Amante and a few Null Security guards, Lindsey states her intention to decline Null's job offer, to which Null reminds Lindsey that they are currently sixty floors above the ground in a not-so-subtle death threat. When Lindsey defiantly highlights Null's threatening act, Null abruptly kills one of her own guards in front of Lindsey as a display of her power. This indeed makes an impression on Lindsey, making her even more determined to oppose Null, as even Lindsey's sociopathic former employer Baxter Stockman had never seen fit to kill someone in front of her.

Later in the miniseries, the Mighty Mutanimals launch an armed assault against Null Headquarters in their own show of power to hurt Madame Null and try to convince her of how inconvenient and unprofitable it could become for her business interests if she was to keep exploiting mutants.

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