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Leonardo demands that Koya and the Foot assassins leave immediately. Koya tells Leo that Master Shredder sends his regards; Leo retorts that Shredder is her master, not his, and lunges at her. Splinter, Donatello, and Michelangelo are overjoyed to have Leo back to normal once again. With Leo at their side they are able to make some headway against their attackers, until one of the Foot assassins drops a grenade.

Outside the barn, Raphael is still furious with Alopex as he thinks she informed the Foot of their location. Raph is knocked down by the force of the grenade explosion destroying one of the walls of the barn. One of the Foot assassins is about to strike him as he is still stunned but Alopex attacks quicker, saving Raph.

Inside April O'Neil's parents' house, April, Casey Jones, and April's parents John, and Beth sit around the kitchen table drinking coffee. Beth asks April why she's been so quiet since she got back from the library; April begins to tell her mom about the ooze she stole from StockGen when they are distracted by the explosion in the barn. April, Casey, and Beth head over to investigate.

With Raphael's help, he, Don, and Mikey defeat the three Foot assassins. Leo and Splinter however, are nearly defeated by Koya, so Raph steps in to attack her. The two crash through the wall of the barn right in front of April's van where April, Casey, and Beth have just pulled up. Koya remarks that Raphael is strong, but notes that even the strong have weaknesses, lunging towards Beth as she says so. Luckily Michelangelo drives the restored motorcycle straight into Koya before she can attack April's mother. As Koya lies on the ground, she urges Leo to finish her off, proving who he really is. He says he won't kill her, but she can still die if she wants. He nicks her aorta with a shuriken, forcing her to flee to get medical attention or bleed to death. She leaves with the assassins, claiming she will find the Turtles again. Splinter tells April that they must leave immediately as the place is no longer safe. Beth is in shock from seeing mutants battling in her barn. April tells her mom that her suspicions about StockGen were right. She gives her mom the vial of ooze and fills her in. She tells her mom that she and her dad need to get out of town for a while and the two say goodbye.

In April's van, Casey reassures April that she did the right thing. Splinter says he is proud of everyone's actions, and that their recently renewed familial bond marks the time for them to stop running from the Shredder and return to New York City. From a treebranch up above, Alopex watches them leave.

Inside April's parents' house, Beth fixes John a cup of tea. She tells him that they have to head to New York City right away to protect April. She slips the ooze into John's tea and gives it to him. As he takes a sip he is initially alarmed by the strange sensation that washes over him but his panic quickly turns to joy as he realizes his body has been completely restores and he stands up.





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