Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Donatello "I hate to say it, but you're one-hundred-percent wrong, Casey."

Casey Jones "No way, Don—I'm callin' bullcrap on that..."

Casey "...You just don't bring math into sports, man. Ever. That's like... Like bringin' your sister to the prom—it just ain't right."

Donnie "For your information, sabermetrics has completely changed the business of baseball."

Casey "Whatever. All I know is I can smack a rocket down the left field line and I don't need no fancy calculations or big words to do it, neither."

Donnie "I guess we're just gonna have to agree to disagree."

Donnie "Even though I'm totally right."

Casey "Hey!"

Donnie "Just saying."

Casey "Okay—that's all she wrote."

Donnie "Cool. By the way, thanks again for helping me with this."

Casey "No problem, dude. I used to do this kinda stuff with my dad all the time when I was a kid."

Casey "Guy was pretty good at fixin' things before he got way better at breakin' 'em."

Casey " 'Sides, don't ever tell her I said this, but it beats goin' to the library with April."

Casey "I mean, she said it's for the faster internet, but once that girl gets around books, forget about it."

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Donnie "Well, I'd kill to have access to the internet right now—even April's parents' slow dial-up."

Casey "Speakin' of the O'Neils... Did April tell you 'bout her dad workin' on that ooze stuff at StockGen?"

Casey "Pretty crazy coincidence, huh?"

Donnie "Heh. Fate and destiny."

Casey "What?"

Donnie "Nothing. Just something Leo and I talked about the other day."

Donnie "So, what do you say we fire this puppy up?"

Casey "Way ahead of you, bro."


Casey "Ha! First try! Man, I never thought we'd get this ol' rust bucket runnin'."

Donnie "Little steps here and there—that's all it took."

Casey "Not to mention lots o' elbow grease."

Casey "I'm tellin' you, man..."

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"...It sure is cool to have a nice surprise every once in awhile."

Alopex "That's something I never expected to see..."

Alopex "...I didn't take you for the tai chi type."

Raphael "What? Not enough blood and guts for Foot types?"

Alopex "For the record, Raphael, I was never in the Foot Clan for the killing."

Alopex "I... I just wanted to belong to something."

Alopex "To feel... Important."

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Alopex "You know... After I was mutated, I was a total mess."

Alopex "I felt like a weird mix of two things that were never meant to go together. Like... Like..."

Raph "Like a freak."

Alopex "Exactly. A freak."

Alopex "But that all changed when Shredder brought me into the Foot Clan."

Alopex "For a while, I really thought I had a home. A purpose. A family."

Alopex "But it was a lie—all of it."

Alopex "I already had a family, and Shredder killed them. Like he kills everything he decides is useless to his big schemes. Useless..."

Alopex "...And unimportant."

Raph "Hey, don't... Don't let it geto to you, Alopex. Who gives a crap what that pinhead Shredder thinks? Talk about havin' issues, that dude's got plenty."

Raph "Look—I was alone for a while, too. Lost. But I didn't give up on findin' my place—and eventually, I did. So will you. Just keep pushin' forward and things'll work out."

Alopex "Yeah, you do have a good thing going here, Raphael."

Raph "Hey—call me Raph."

Alopex "Or... Maybe I should call you boring instead, hm?"

Alopex "Tai chi? Seriously?"

Page 5

Raph "Boring, huh?"

Raph "How 'bout this?!"

Alopex "Hey!"


Raph "And this?!"

Raph "And..."


Raph "...This?!"

Page 6

Raph "That excitin' enough for ya?"

Alopex "Well..."

Raph "Wha—"


Alopex "...It's definitely a start..."

Alopex "...Raph."

Page 7

"You know nothing about me!"

"Nah, actually, I know a lot."

Leonardo (flashback) "Rah!"

Raph (fb) "I know the only thing you like more than trainin'..."

"...Is gettin' ready for trainin'."


Page 8

Splinter "My apologies for interrupting your training, Leonardo..."

Splinter "...Please do not stop on my account."

Leo "No... No, it's not you. I..."

Leo "...I just needed a break. That's all."

Splinter "Indeed."

Splinter "There are some who believe that a sword, once drawn, must never be returned to its scabbard until it tastes blood."

Splinter "Did you know this, my son?"

Leo "I... I've heard something like it, yeah."

Splinter "Of course, it is more myth than any true creed—romanticized over the centuries for some fanciful purpose, I suppose."

Splinter "Yet, all myth bloom from seeds of truth."

Page 9

Splinter "In truth, a sword is merely an extension of the warrior who wields it—a tool, not a living thing."

Splinter "And a tool is incapable of bloodlust. That is purely a human urge."

Leo "What... What exactly are you getting at?"

Splinter "Only this: Oroku Saki tried to make you his sword, Leonardo..."

Splinter "...And then deemed you a failure when he wielded you and you did not draw blood."

Splinter "In reality, you revealed the fallacy of the myth. A warrior's blade need not taste blood for it to remain valuable."

Splinter "You proved Saki's bloodlust was fully his own and never yours. It was not you who failed, my son..."

Splinter "...It was Shredder."

Leo "Yeah, well... I don't feel like much of a success right now."

Leo "I really don't feel much of anything."

Splinter "I understand."

Leo "Do you?"

Page 10

Splinter "There was a time, my son, when I felt I had no choice but to give up on all that mattered to me and succumb to my pain."

Leo "Please, just let me g—"

Splinter "But your mother, Tang Shen, would not allow it."

Splinter "She was pregnant with you then—our first child. And she refused to permit me to turn my back on my family."

Splinter "Instead, through her love, she helped me to find strength and purpose when I thought I had none left to offer."

Splinter "She was always an uncannily wise and convincing person, your mother..."

Splinter "...She still is."

Leo "How—"

Splinter "I know that you feel confused, my son—adrift still in the dark currents of Shredder's devious plot."

Splinter "But out of eternal respect and love for your mother, I will not allow you to give up on your life... Or your family."

Splinter "Now, more than ever, we must all come together as one."

Page 11

Michelangelo "Dudes, you totally fixed it!"

Mikey "Oh, man, I can't wait to take it for a spin!"

Donnie "Well, you're gonna have a long wait, bro. Racing it all over the farm'll blow our cover faster than you can say "dirty carburetor." "


Casey "Yo, there's April. Gotta jet, fellas."

Casey "You know, maybe April's dad's got an old tracker around here we can work on nex—whoa."

Donnie "Wow."

Mikey "Totally."

April O'Neil "I, um... Stopped by the salon on the way home."

April "You like?"

Mikey "You look totally rad!"

Donnie "Yeah, April, that's a really nice style on you."

Casey "Whoa."

April "I'll take that as a "yes," Casey."

Page 12

April "And, thanks, guys! Hate to run so quickly, but my mom's expecting Casey and me for dinner. I've got some stuff to show you later, 'kay, Donnie?"

Donnie "Sounds great, April. I'll be here."

Mikey "See ya!"

Mikey "So... Guess those two are a thing now, huh?"

Donnie "Yep. Lucky guy."

Casey "Uh, sorry for bein' such a dummy back there, April. You just caught me by surprise with your new look and all."

April "In a good way?"

Casey "Heh. Yeah. Definitely in a good way."

April "So, you find out anything new about StockGen?"

Casey "No. Just that fire inspectors are looking into faulty wiring or equipment failure as the cause of the explosion."

April "I'm seriously doubting it was anything like that, but whatever."

Casey "And?"

April "And what?"

Casey "And I know there's more 'cause you got that forehead-crinkle thing you always get when you're stressin' 'bout stuff."

Page 13

April "I do not get a crinkle thing in my forehead, Casey Jones."

Casey "Yeah, you do. You usually fidget with your ponytail, too—not that ya can now."

Casey "So..."

Casey "...What's up?"

April "What's up is this."

Casey "Whoa—that ooze from StockGen?"

Casey "You brought it with you?"

April "Yeah, I was hoping to study it while we're here—I just didn't expect to understand it so quickly."

April "I got a chance to really dig into my dad's old StockGen notes today, and the stuff he was doing back then, Casey... It's totally amazing."

April "They were onto something big with this ooze. Really, really big."

April "If I understand his findings, the healing factor of this component is virtually incalculable. Even this little bit I snatched is mega-powerful."

April "But now that I know more about it, I'm..."

April "...Honestly, I'm more confused than ever."

April "This ooze is like a healing potion. We could use it to fix your stab wound or mend Splinter's leg or... Or, who knows what?"

April "But we've only got enough to cure one thing and... I just don't know how to make a decision like that."

April "I mean, how do you choose?"

Page 14

April "Why are you stopping?"

Casey " 'Cause I wanna say somethin' that needs sayin'."

Casey "Look, you're bein' like Donnie with baseball right now—over-thinkin' things that ain't really complicated."

Casey "Me and that old rat... We're brawlers. We're used to healin' up our boo-boos without the help of any green glop. I know he'd tell you the same."

April "You... You're sure?"

Casey "Sure I'm sure. 'Sides, we already got Doctor Donnie takin' good care of us."

Casey "But there is someone who could really use some magic healin', and I know you already thought the same thing, too, even if you ain't sayin' it."

April "My dad."

Casey "Yeah... He needs it way worse than any of us."

Casey "But, you sure it's safe, April? I mean, what if he gets changed into a big lizard or somethin'?"

April "No, that won't happen. I cross-referenced my dad's notes against the label codes on this, and I'm positive this contains the healing compound only. No mutagen."

April "So, yeah, I'm confident it'll work—it'll make my dad better."

April "Which begs the question—how do I give this to my dad? If I tell him what it is, he and my mom are gonna have tons of questions I can't answer honestly right now."

April "I swear, all these secrets we're keeping—it just seems like it's never gonna end, and I hate it."

April "There's nothing I want more right now than to be straight with my parents. But the turtles? Splinter? They're not my secrets to tell."

Casey "April... Whatever you decide, I'm with ya. But, honestly, that stuff's way outta my league."

Casey "I already told you, us fighters are good at hittin' things and gettin' hit..."

Page 15

"...We leave the complicated stuff for you big brains to figure out."

Mikey "So, hold on a sec—is it good or bad that StockGen's gone?"

Donnie "Hard to say, Mikey. For sure it sucks that we've lost an important link to our past. But the stuff they were doing there was pretty sketchy."

Donnie "The truth is, the Technodrome's got to be our main concern now anyway."

Splinter "I must make a confession, my sons. Just prior to our assault against Oroku Saki, I covertly infiltrated StockGen."

Donnie "What? Why?"

Splinter "Old Hob desired mutagen, and I was able to acquire it for him."

Raph "Oh, man—that fleabiter's got mutagen now? All due respect, Sensei, but what the hell were you thinkin'?"

Splinter "I was thinking of your brother, Raphael. Nothing more."

Splinter "I needed Old Hob's assistance in the battle to save Leonardo, and that outweighted my concerns regarding his true intentions."

Raph "True intentions?! That psycho wants to build himself a mutant army! He sure blabbed about it enough."

Splinter "Yes. And after I left StockGen, Old Hob and Slash remained behind. Now I wonder..."

Raph "Wonder nothin'! That walkin' throw-rug hadda be a part of it!"

Mikey "Dude!"

Donnie "Hey... The good thing is all that's far away. We've still got big things to worry about, true, but for now at least we can do it in peace and quiet."

Page 16


Koya "Massacre them."

Page 17

Raph "What the hell?!"

Mikey "Who's the crazy bird?"

Donnie "And how'd they find us here?"

Raph "Raagh!"

Koya "No..."

Koya "...I think not."

Raph "Uff!"

Raph "Waitaminute..."

Raph "I knew it!"

Page 18

Mikey "What the—who are these clowns?!"

Splinter "Foot Assassins!"

Donnie "Assassins?!"

Splinter "Yes..."


Splinter "...Killers of the highest order!"

Raph "It was you!"

Alopex "Wait... No—"

Raph "You're still with them!"

Alopex "Uff!"


Mikey "Dude, where's the bir—"

Page 19

Koya "Skreee!"

Donnie "Look out!"

Donnie "Mike, you okay?"

Mikey "Yeah..."

Mikey "...But I sure miss the peace and quiet."

Page 20

Splinter "Focus now. Remember your training..."

Splinter "...And defend your family!"

Mikey "Man, these guys are fast!"


Mikey "Grf!"

Donnie "Too fast!"


Donnie "Hrk!"

Page 21


Splinter "Hyah!"


Splinter "Hrrf!"

Koya "You are beaten, rodent."


Splinter "Unh!"

Koya "There is no escape."

Koya "Are you prepared for the slaughter?"

Leo "That's funny, bird..."

Page 22

Leo "...I was gonna ask you the same thing."

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