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Donatello and Casey are rebuilding a motorcycle and debating the merits of sabermetrics. Don thanks Casey for helping him, and Casey tells him it's no big deal, since it got him out of going to the library with April O'Neil. Casey tells Don that April's father John used to work at StockGen. Don laughs and thinks about his and Leo's conversation the other day about fate and destiny.

In the woods, Raphael is practicing tai chi when Alopex approaches him, saying she didn't figure he was the tai chi type. Raph takes a dig at her, asking her if tai chi isn't violent enough for the Foot. She tells him she was never in the Foot Clan for the violence, she just wanted to feel like she belonged somewhere. Alopex tells Raph how after she was mutated, she felt like a mix of two things that were never supposed to go together, like some kind of freak. She tells him how the Foot gave her a sense of belonging, like she had a family. Until she realized that she had a family, a real one, until the Shredder killed them. Raph sympathizes with her, telling her how after he was mutated he was on his own for a while, until he was finally reunited with his brothers and Master Splinter. Raph and Alopex share a rare moment of friendship, and then Alopex makes fun of Raph for practicing tai chi again. The two engage in a friendly sparring match. 

Leonardo sits besides a pond and examines his katanas. He thinks back to when he and Raph fought while he was still under the influence of the Foot Clan's brainwashing. Leo begins training, until Splinter approaches and he pauses. Splinter asks him if he's heard that some people believe that a sword, once drawn, cannot be returned to its scabbard until it has tasted blood. Splinter explains that this is moreso a myth than any real creed, romanticized over the years. Yet, Splinter explains, all myths bloom from seeds of truth. Splinter tells Leo that a sword is merely an extension of the warrior who wields it, a tool, incapable of bloodlust, bloodlust being a human emotion. Leo asks what Splinter is getting at. Splinter tells him that the Shredder tried to make Leonardo his sword, and then deemed him a failure when he failed to draw blood. Splinter points out that a warrior's blade need not taste blood to be useful, and that Leo should not feel like a failure; it was the Shredder who failed. Leo doubts that Splinter really understands how he feels. Splinter tells him that there was once a time when he too felt the same way, but it was Tang Shen who helped him through it, who was pregnant at the time with the child who would be Leonardo's past human life. Splinter acknowledges that he knows Shen recently appeared to Leo to offer him guidance, much to Leo's surprise. Splinter tells Leo that he will not allow him to give up on himself, out of respect for Shen. 

In the barn, Michelangelo is excited that Donnie and Casey have finished their work on the motorcycle. Mikey wants to take it for a test spin, but Don tells him that would blow their cover. Just then, April pulls up in her van and steps out to reveal a surprise—a new haircut! 

As April and Casey drive up to April's parents' house, Casey asks her if she found anything out about StockGen. She tells him fire inspectors are looking into faulty wiring as a possible cause of the explosion, but she doubts it was anything like that. Casey asks what else is on her mind, as he can tell something is worrying her. April pulls out a vial of ooze which she brought with her to study, and with the help of her father's notes, she's figured it out. She says it's healing properties are near limitless, and even the tiny amount she has could heal any wound. She worries about how you decide what to use something so powerful on. Casey stops the van to tell her that she's overthinking things. He and Splinter are used to healing without the aid of magic ooze, and he knows who she's thought about using the ooze on, someone who could really use it—her father. Casey tells her that if she's sure its safe, she should use it to heal her dad. She tells him she cross-referenced the code on the vial with her father's notes and is sure its simply the healing ooze, not mutagen. April wonders how to give the ooze to her dad without telling him about it, which would lead to a lot of questions she can't answer without revealing the existence of Splinter and the Turtles.

In the barn, Splinter, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Alopex are talking and eating sandwiches. Mikey wonders if its good or bad that StockGen is gone. Donnie says either way, its a shame that they've lost a link to their past, but in any case their main focus has got to be the Technodrome. Splinter uses this opportunity to tell his sons that before their fight with Shredder and the Foot, he infiltrated StockGen on behalf of Old Hob, to fulfill the favor he owed him by procurring some mutagen. Splinter and the Turtles guess correctly that StockGen's destruction was the work of Hob and Slash. At that moment, Koya and four Foot Clan assassins crash through the roof of the barn, interrupting their conversation. As Splinter, Don, and Mikey engage the Foot attackers, Raph notices that Alopex has slipped away, and immediately assumes that she conned them all and lead the Foot there to kill them. While Don and Mikey are occupied by the Foot assassins, Splinter battles Koya but is slowly overwhelmed. Koya asks Splinter if he is ready for the slaughter when Leo arrives and says, "That's funny, bird, I was gonna ask you the same thing."





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