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Michelangelo is writing a letter to his friend Woody back in New York City. Mikey lets Woody know that he and his brothers found Leonardo and then had to go into hiding to get away from the Shredder. Mikey explains that even though they went out of town to get away from trouble, trouble found them in the form of Alopex, who stowed away with them to get away from the Foot Clan too, which she has renounced. Mikey expresses worry for Leo.

Leo sits beside a stream, wishing their mother would appear to him again. Unbeknownst to Leo, Alopex watches him from the shadows. Raphael sneaks up on Alopex and leads her away to question her about what she's doing there. Alopex tells him she was trying to thank Leo for standing up for her when the others discovered her, but Raph doesn't believe it. Alopex says she doesn't care if Raph believes her, because she knows what Leo has gone through, she knows what its like to have Shredder in your head, twisting your thoughts and emotions.

Mikey continues his letter to Woody, telling him about Splinter's injuries at the hand of Shredder. Donnie has been tending to Splinter, and says the cut has healed nicely but he'll have to keep a close eye on the fracture. But Mikey knows the Shredder hurt Splinter more by turning Leo against him. Donatello is frustrated that he can't do anything about the Technodrome problem while they're living in April's parents' barn, and no one else understands his worries.

Leo is still walking through the woods by himself, dealing with the lingering effects of the brainwashing. He hallucinates a spectral version of the Shredder in the trees, causing him to cry out. At that moment, the Turtles' mother Tang Shen appears to him and calms him. Shen walks with Leo to a peaceful garden, one she has taken him to before. Shen asks Leo if he's found what he had lost. Leo tells her that he has his family back, but he is still unfamiliar with them. She tells him to proceed slowly, and not to let himself get overwhelmed. She tells him she is needed elsewhere and she vanishes, causing Leo to wake up. Donnie is standing over him trying to rouse him, but Leo stays calm, no longer so jumpy as a result of the brainwashing.

At April O'Neil's parents' house, April's mother Beth tells April and Casey Jones that her father, John, was part of a top-secret project when he worked at StockGen. John spent years working with a healing compound nicknamed ooze, when he began to have second thoughts about the ethical implications of StockGen's work. Unfortunately, John then had a stroke, which put any thought of the ooze out of John and Beth's minds. Beth tells April she wishes she had kept her away from StockGen, but John's injury compensation and April's internship put her worries out of her mind. Beth retrieve's John's old laptop with all of his notes from his work at StockGen and gives it to April, telling her maybe she can make sense of it.

Back in the woods, Donnie tells Leo he was talking in his sleep, saying something about their mother and ghosts. Leo says it felt like he was really speaking to their mother, not just dreaming, and Donnie must think he's crazy for saying that. Donnie tells him that six months ago, he would have, but after what they've seen, he's not sure. Donnie concedes that maybe what they're going through really is the result of some type of cosmic fate or destiny. Leo tells him he just feels like he's stuck in place, treading water. Donnie assures him that it's just the after-effects of the brainwashing, and it'll pass. Donnie asks Leo to come back to the barn with him so he can bounce ideas about the Technodrome off him. This time it's Leo's turn to reassure Donnie, telling him that if he tackles the problem one step at a time he'll succeed.

In the barn, Shen now appears before Splinter, although to her he will always be her husband Hamato Yoshi. Splinter is embarrassed, asking her not to look at him in his new rodent form. She tells him that the true essence of an individual lies within. Splinter tells her that he is worried he is a failure, having let Shredder take their eldest son and turn him against them. Shen points out that Leo has been returned to them, and although he suffered at the hand of the Foot, there is a force that outweighs all darkness: love.

Mikey finishes up his letter to Woody, telling him that although they're all hurting pretty bad, Mikey has an idea to help speed up the healing process. Mikey builds a campfire and begins roasting hot dogs, and Splinter and his brothers join him. Even Alopex is invited to sit with them.

However, high above in the night sky, Koya circles the campfire, reporting in to Oroku Karai that she has found Splinter and the Turtles.