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April O'Neil and Casey Jones are recalling the events of the past few days in New York while driving to Northampton (amidst brilliant autumn colors), with the turtles and Splinter asleep in the back of April's van. Upon arriving at April's parents' farmhouse they all begin to unload, leaving Splinter and Leonardo to sleep a little longer in the van due to their trauma. While they unpack, April shows the turtles the barn and tells them they'll be safe on the farm as long as they stay hidden from her parents, and the turtles thank her, going to wake up Splinter and Leo so April and Casey can go to the main house to let her parents know they've arrived. When Raphael tries to wake Leo and help him out of the van, Leo is startled and runs into the forest to clear his head.

Raph does nothing to stop him until he spots an injured Alopex sneaking into the woods. Raph immediately attacks, throwing his sai at her, and accuses her of attempting an ambush, though Alopex claims she wants no conflict. Suddenly, Leo attacks Raph to defend Alopex, saying she had no desire to fight. Raph accuses Leo of still having ties to the Foot for being so quick to defend her, and the two fight causing Donatello and Michelangelo to intervene and pull them off of each other (Leo tells Mikey not to touch him when Mikey pulls him back).

Master Splinter finally gets involved, telling his sons to cease their arguing, and giving Alopex a chance to explain herself. She tells them that whether they trust her or not, she has abandoned the Foot Clan. After attacking the Shredder but being unsuccessful in killing him, she followed the turtles and hitched a ride on top of their van to escape the city just as they had. When Donnie questions her reasons for betrayal, she explains that the Shredder had murdered her family. Raph is still doubtful, and he and Leo almost begin to fight again, but Splinter orders them to stop. Leo tells Splinter (bluntly calling him "Yoshi") that he is not his sensei, and leaves the group to wander into the forest; no one does anything to stop him. Splinter tells Alopex that although he doesn't trust her he is honor bound to accept her truce because she saved his life by attacking the Shredder. Alopex tells him she doesn't want help or honor and leaves the group as well.

Casey and April are about to depart from the group, and Donnie apologizes to April for all the drama. Casey and Raph, meanwhile are having their own conversation. Casey tells Raph to go easy on Leo as he's been through a lot and Raph agrees, but points out he still doesn't trust Alopex. Casey also reveals to Raph that he and April are dating, but are keeping it quiet and taking it slow, and he is nervous about meeting her parents.

Arriving at the house, April enthusiastically greets her parents while Casey is being awkward about the introduction. April's mother tells Casey to call her Beth. Beth then brings them in to meet April's father, John, who recently suffered a stroke and is a sports fan like Casey. During their conversation, Beth tells April that she was relieved that April had come home because of the destruction of StockGen on the news.

At nightfall, Leo is out wandering alone in the woods. He remembers the visions he had of his mother along with other moments like his battle with Raph. He kneels by the lake and asks aloud where his mother is, and that he needs her to come back to him.

Back at the house, Beth is helping John into bed while he comments that Casey seems nice. When Beth returns to Casey and April in the living room, she finds the two marveling at the fact that StockGen had been destroyed. Beth says she and John were also shocked as they had worked for the company for a long time. April comments that she believed that illegal things were happening there, and specifically mentions the "ooze". Beth is silent, and leaves the room to make tea. She tells April and Casey that she has a lot of things to tell them regarding StockGen, and that it could be a long conversation with information that may or may not be important.

The issue ends back on Leo, who is still sitting out by the lake lost in thought. Alopex is secretly watching him from behind in the bushes.





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