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The Party Wagon approaches the O'Neil Farm

North Hampton is a fictional rural location in Upstate New York in the 2012 TV series. It is the location of the O'Neil Farm.


Following the Kraang's invasion on Manhattan, the Turtles fall head to the O'Neil Farm in Upstate New York.



  • While the real Northampton (the Northampton in other incarnations of TMNT) is located in Massachusetts, this North Hampton is a fictional location in Upstate New York. The real state of New York has no place called "North Hampton", but it does have two real locations called "Northampton", whose names are the same as the town in Massachusetts. One Northhampton is a hamlet located in the Hamptons in Suffolk County on Long Island (not upstate). The other Northampton is located inside Adirondack Park in Fulton County in northeastern New York state.
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