Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Soldier "Come in! We're under attack! She's after the—"

Soldier "Omigod! Anyone! Help!"

Zodi "Fool. Nobody can help you now."

Nobody "Hey!"

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Nobody "That's my line!"

Zodi "Who the hell are you?"

Nobody "I'm Nobody."

Nobody "Weren't you paying attention?"

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Zodi "Now, now, don't sell yourself short."

Zodi "You're somebody to me..."

Zodi "Somebody I'm going to kill!"


Nobody "Invert refractors!"

Zodi "Gah! My eyes!"

Page 4

Nobody "And your arms. And legs."

Nobody "And let's not forget your jaw."

Nobody "I don't know what Null wants with those things."

Nobody "But I know enough about her to make damn sure she doesn't get them."

Soldier "Th... Thank you."

Nobody "Don't mention it."

Nobody "To anyone."

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