Idw - nobody exosuit

Angel in the Nobody exo-suit


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In the IDW continuity, Nobody's exo-suit is a technologically advanced, armored suit that was developed by Harold Lilja. In addition to Kevlar, concussion grenades, tasers and other defensive and offensive measures, Harold incorporated some of his own inventions into the exo-suit, such as light refraction and an anti-gravity gauntlet.

The exo-suit was first used when the robot Metalhead malfunctioned and went on a rampage. Angel Bridge tricked the robot into destroying the suit's display case, and quickly donned the suit herself in order to fight back against Metalhead. Despite his initial dislike of her, Harold was impressed by Angel's combat abilities and allowed her to continue using the exo-suit, while gathering data from her combat experiences.

Using the exo-suit and now calling herself "Nobody," Angel became a crime-fighter. In addition to stopping criminals such as Arnold "Attila the Hun" Jones, she also used it to help the Turtles with some of their problems, such as the infiltration of Darius Dun's corporation or the attack from the flyborgs.

After Harold cut ties with the Turtles, he remained in contact with Angel in order to keep her exo-suit in working order, though he left her to do much of the maintenance work herself.

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