The Ninja Turtles are a squad of four mutant turtle ninja who form a brotherhood. They are the protagonists of all games they appear in as a team.


The Turtles, along with Splinter were transformed by a mutagenic ooze that fell into the sewer. Splinter taught them the ninjutsu he learned by watching his late owner, Hamato Yoshi. For years, the Turtles and Splinter lived in harmony, until they were faced by the street gang known as the Purple Dragons. This lead to them encountering Oroku Saki the Shredder, who was the killer of Splinter's Master Yoshi. Splinter and the Turtles faced off against Shredder and his massive Foot Clan ninja empire, including his right-hand man and Purple Dragon leader Hun and scientist employee Baxter Stockman, who was formerly the abusive boss of the Turtles' human friend April O'Neil. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Following their battle with Shredder, Splinter went missing. The Turtles tracked him down to a technology corporation called Techno Cosmic Research Institute and infiltrated the building. The company turned out to be staffed by small brain-like aliens called Utroms (weaing exoskeletons to appear human) and during their battle with the Utroms, they were blasted off into space. They met a fugitive robot "Fugitoid", who was formerly the Federation human scientist Honeycutt, who was being pursued by both the Federation and Triceratons for his transmat technology, which they intended to utilize as a weapon against the other force. The Turtles kept Honeycutt away long enough to disrupt their plans and were beamed back to Earth, where they were faced once again with the Utroms. However, it turned they had taken Splinter to heal him, and they were friendly to the mutants, as the mutagen that produced their current forms was a biproduct of their own teleportation technology.

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Notes and trivia[]

  • The Turtles' Dragon avatars all share the same design, as opposed to the animated series' different designs.