Ninja Tribunal Acolytes, which were made up of the Ninja Turtles and four humans, were trained by the Ninja Tribunal to fight the True Shredder in the 2003 TV series Lost Episodes. The term is often used within the fandom to refer to the humans alone.





  • In the episode Beginning of the End, the four human acolytes are seemingly killed during the Foot Mystics attack. However, they mysteriously reappear alive in Enter the Dragons, Part 1.
    • It's likely that they were either revived by the Ninja Tribunal, or didn't really die as it's possible the Tribunal made it seem that they died to better prepare the TMNT for the real battle ahead.
  • During their training, each of the turtle are shown to be good friends with each human.
    • Leonardo and Faraji
    • Donatello and Adam
    • Raphael and Joi
    • Michelangelo and Tora
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