The Medieval Mutant Turtles!

Flung back in time by a powerful Foot Mystic, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles find themselves in the Middle Ages… and in the middle of one battle after another! Lucky for them they met up with a medieval alchemist who forged them gold-plated armor, shields and weapons!


Leonardo: Two Broad Swords, Shield, Helmet, Chest Armor, Shin Guard

Raphael: Four Pieces of Armor, Helmet, Shield, Two Sais

Michelangelo: Two Morningstars, Bow and Arrow, Quiver With Removable Bundle of Arrows, Shield, Helmet, Chest Armor

Donatello: Two Shin Guards, Two Gauntlets, Shoulder Cover, Chest Armor, Helmet with Movable Visor, Shield, Lance With Attachable Banner


  • Rotating Neck
  • Rotating and Hinged Shoulders
  • Rotating Elbows
  • Rotating Wrists
  • Hinged Fingers
  • Rotating and Hinged Hips
  • Hinged Knees
  • Hinged and Rotating Ankles
  • Hinged Toes


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