The Clutcher with Clan Crushin' Claws!


"It's time to unleash the most menacing monster to ever stalk a Foot fiend! No Foot fool is safe from this terror of the the streets, it stalks, it grabs, it twists and returns! Now that's a terror worth talking about".

"Born in the basement of Donatello's lab, the Ninja Grapplor is the ultimate Foot nightmare. This boss baby's packed with tons of Foot-tearin' titanium and powered by Don's mega-mozzarella motor. The Turtle Teens love to take this Foot-dentin' machine for a spin around the block - and then they like to spin the block! Equipped with Foot-grippin' Clan crushin' claws and titanium Turtle tires, there is little the Foot can do to stop this mechanized Mutant machine - except give up, become responsible citizens of the world and not bother anyone again. Yeah, and maybe the Turtles will give up pizza too! Not!"


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