"The Mutant Master O' Change"


Accessories - Midnight Mutatin' Ooze Canister, Claw 'n Chain, Automatic Henchmen Hooks, Ooze Canister, Mega Auto Mutation Chart

Fastest Mutation Time - 00000000000004 Hours

Most Mutations in a Day - 104557

"Swiftly and silently now, Mike Mutates from Turtle Teen to Night Ninja! Faster than a pizza disappears in the Turtles' lair, Mike Mutates with just a little help from you and the secret Ooze, a squeeze of the legs and whooppeeee - instant Mutation! Through the darkness then, Mike slips unseen and unheard. He's a master Night Ninja - and he's got the official body armor to prove it. The hood is made of pure ancient Ninja cotton, and the chest armor is woven out of samurai warrior sandals - now that's cool! And check out those Foot spikes: authentic self-sharpenin' stainless steel, just like the Night Ninjas of old. Equipped with all that, and his very own claw 'n chain, Mike loves to sneak into the Foot camp and wreak a little havoc. By the time the Foot knows he's there, though , he's already gone - and so are any pizzas. Mike uses his super speedy Mutation with the skill of a master and the attitude of a party dude, So try and keep up with Mike, if you can. But always remember, the Mutation is faster than the eye!"



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