"The Night-lovin Leader!"


Accessories - Mutatin' Tonfa, Grabbin' Grapplin' Hook, Automatic Side-swipin' Swords, Ooze Cannister, Mega Auto Mutation Chart

Fastest Mutation - 1/00000000000 of a minute 

Favorite Saying - "The mutation is faster than the eye".

"Faster than anything that has ever Mutated before! -it's Night Ninja Leo! And in the Ninja business, you're either fast or you're Foot food! Leo can switch from ordinary Ninja Turtle into Night Ninja faster than the blink of an eye. A little Ooze and a big squeeze of his legs is all it takes for Leo to Mutate into a silent warrior o' the night. With his hood over his face and his retractable Foot spikes in place, Leo glides through the sewers like a gentle wind - a gentle wind of destruction, that is! Leo is the master of the mighty Mutatin' Tonfa too! One swing and the tonfa becomes two katanas. Then, another snap and Leo's grapplin' hook flies into the nearest Foot face. The Foot'll never know what hit 'em when this speedy sinsei strikes. So let him loose, stand back and watch the Foot fly - at the speed of light!"



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