"The Dangerous Dude of the Dark!"


Accessories - Mutatin' Midnight Bo, Black Night Boomerang, Automatic Dual Duellin' Daggers, Ooze Canister, Mega Auto Mutation Chart 

Fastest Mutation - .00056 Seconds

Favorite Treat - Micro-second Pizza

"Don's the Mutant master of micro-second Mutations. This barrier-breakin' boy can Mutate faster that you can say "Look out behind you!" Thanks to years of trainin' and practictin', Don has mastered the Mutation process with lightnin' speed. Just a li'l help from you, a touch of Ooze, a speedy squeeze of his muscular legs and Don does the fastest Mutation your young eyes will ever witness. And with his hood flipped over his face and his chest armor slid into place, Don's off to penetrate a hidden Foot fortress, if he can find it! Fortunately, this dude o' the dark can sniff 'n snoop out most evil places. Armed with his quick-changin' weapons, like the Mutatin' midnight bo and the black night boomerang, there's no stoppin' this silent Foot stomper. So watch closely and never blink - or you'll miss the master of the micro-second Mutation - Night Ninja Don!"


  • This figure was available with either yellow or red accessories.


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